NDTV Crew Attacked in Dadri, Car Window Smashed

Dadri, Uttar Pradesh: An NDTV car was attacked by a mob of women in Uttar Pradesh's Dadri today while the crew was covering a visit by Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal. A cameraperson was injured in the attack and his equipment damaged.

On Monday, the area on the outskirts of Delhi witnessed the killing of a man by a mob allegedly over rumours that he had eaten beef. The Chief Minister was in Dadri to meet the victim's family.

NDTV's Tanima Biswas reported that their car was attacked soon after the crew crossed a police check-post while following Mr Kejriwal's convoy. The mob forced open the front door of the car and hit the cameraperson. Stones were then pelted on the car resulting in a window getting smashed.

"The police did not come forward to help us even when they saw the women hitting our car," Tanima Biswas said.

Earlier in the morning, locals prevented media from entering the village in Dadri where Mohammad Ikhlaq, 52, was beaten to death by a mob on Monday night. The Delhi Chief Minister was also stopped from entering the village by local administration. Police said they had "advised" him against the visit for his own safety. Mr Kejriwal later defied the advice and proceeded with his plan.

Mr Ikhlaq and his 22-year-old son were dragged from their house by around 100 villagers and beaten with bricks. His son is critical.

Half an hour before the attack, an announcement was allegedly made at a temple nearby that a calf had been slaughtered and its carcass had been found near a transformer.

No names were taken in the announcement, but there are only two Muslim families in the area and the other family was out.

Killing cows is illegal in Uttar Pradesh.

The police are investigating who started the rumours in a part of western Uttar Pradesh that is prone to trouble at the slightest provocation.