This Article is From Feb 11, 2021

"Mamata Banerjee Will Say Jai Shri Ram Before Polls Are Over": Amit Shah

"Mamata Banerjee gets angry at ''Jai Shri Ram'' slogan, (but) she will herself begin chanting it by the time assembly polls are over," Amit Shah said

Mamata Banerjee works for bhatija kalyan (welfare of her nephew)", Amit Shah said.


The coming assembly elections in Bengal will be a fight between Prime Minister Narendra Modi's "development model" and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's "destruction model", Union minister Amit Shah said at a rally in north Bengal's Cooch Behar today. Bengal is the biggest prize the BJP is hoping to draw in the coming round of assembly elections. Mr Shah has set the state party a target of 200 of the state's 294 seats.  

Mr Shah also cited the "Jai Shri Ram slogan issue" that has been a flashpoint in the state since January. "If ''Jai Shri Ram'' is not chanted in India, will it be raised in Pakistan?" Mr Shah said. "Mamata Banerjee gets angry at ''Jai Shri Ram'' slogan, (but) she will herself begin chanting it by the time assembly polls are over," he added.

At a programme attended by the Prime Minister in January, Mamata Banerjee -- known to get upset at "Jai Shri Ram slogans" which have become a battle cry for the BJP in the state - had refused to continue with her speech after some people from back rows shouted the slogan.

PM Modi who had maintained silence on the issue, referred to it last week.

"Bengal loves football. So let me speak in that language. Trinamool has made many fouls, one after the other. The foul of misgovernance, attacks on opposition leaders, theft of money... The people of Bengal are watching. Bengal will soon show Trinamool the Ram card," the Prime Minister said at a function in Haldia.

Hitting out at Ms Banerjee's government on the issue of development, Mr Shah said PM Modi's government works for "jan kalyan" (public welfare). Mamata Banerjee works for "bhatija kalyan" -- welfare of her nephew Abhishek Banerjee, he added in a reference to one of the hot button issues that is said to have propelled a chunk of Trinamool leaders towards the BJP.

"TMC goons cannot stall the BJP's march to power in West Bengal. No 'Mai ka Laal' (anyone at all) can stop the BJP in Bengal," Mr Shah added.

The minister's second programme at Thakurnagar today was cancelled. "Due to certain circumstances my programme was cancelled, Mamata-di became very happy. There is enough time till April, I'll come here again and again, and will keep coming till you lose the election," was his parting shot.