This Article is From Apr 10, 2009

IIT Kanpur: Dropouts inspire scholars

IIT Kanpur: Dropouts inspire scholars
Kanpur: An overwhelming applause ensued and all that the dignitaries did to earn this was drop out of premier colleges and institutes and follow their hearts.

Today they've made it big in their respective fields. But how could they walk out of institutes students dream of getting into is anybody's guess.

",It doesn't matter one bit, where you drop out from. All that matters is that you followed your dream. If you've landed in IIT and it's not your dream, make sure you get out,", said Mahesh Murthy, CEO, Pinstorm.

A particular gentleman, an IIT Kanpur alumnus was perhaps the star attraction.

While he was at Cornell, one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United States, he realised that he wasn't cut out for a career in Physics. Instead, social work was his true calling.

",I told my dad that let me make this choice and I would not depend on you for roti kapda aur makaan. My dad told me that he could always ensure these three as long as I made the right choice, and funnily today I live with him and depend on him for roti kapda and makan,", said Ranjit Gadgil, Programme Director, Janwani.

The audience too probably included potential dropouts.

",No, Potential dropouts will not come here. These are scared souls who are thinking that if they are kicked out what will they do,", said Tejinder Singh, Editor-in-Chief, New Europe.

While students seemed to enjoy every bit of what they heard, the teachers reacted with their own viewpoint.

",The difference between us and other students is that we want students to feel that they like to learn and not because they have to learn,", said Phansi, Professor, Organisational Behaviour.

Making it to one of these institutes maybe the biggest dream for many students, but for some it may turn out to be their biggest mistake.

For those who decide to call it quits, at least they can flaunt the fact that they dropped out of nothing less than an IIT or an IIM.