This Article is From Jul 22, 2013

Delhi rain nightmare: Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit leaves it to God

New Delhi: After four hours of rain brought chaos to the streets of Delhi on Saturday, once again exposing the lack of preparedness among civic bodies, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has come out with a curious solution - pray to God.

"Pray to god. Everything is handled by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) and I am not going to get involved in this," Ms Dikshit said today, when asked about the problems the people of Delhi have to face every time it rains.

Saturday's rain flooded the streets of Delhi in a matter of minutes, bringing traffic to a slow crawl in major areas and leaving people, even schoolchildren wading in waist-deep water in some parts of the capital. Clogged drains and lack of enough inlets for the rainwater added to the nightmare.

A comparison of images from Saturday and a similar spell of rain and flooding in the 1980s proved that nothing had changed in three decades, despite crores of rupees spent by civic bodies.

Public anger sparked a blame-game between the multiple civic agencies in the capital, but the chief minister seems to have washed her hands off the mess and left it to the gods.