Chinese doc who killed Indian says "Sorry"

The Chinese doctor who killed Indian-American Yale doctor Vajinder Toor has told the police that he is "sorry" for what has happened and feels that "I may kill myself".

In his statement to the Branford police department, Lishan Wang admitted being outside Toor's home on April 26 and that he "did have a conversation with the victim". He "also made a reference to having a gun in a bag" and pinpointed where Toor, 34, was at the time he was shot.

"Wang also confirmed that he was sorry for what happened at the condo," Detective Daniel Travisano wrote in a supplemental report released by the Branford police.

Wang informed the police that he was unemployed and that his last employer was Morehouse School of Medicine, where he did research.

Two years ago he was working as a "physician in training" at the Kingsbrook Jewish Medicine Centre in Brooklyn, where he was training with another physician "who he knew as Vanjinder".

While at the Centre, Wang was accused of threatening Toor and "using a pen and poking him in the eye" since Toor had reprimanded him for "not promptly returning to the ICU after being paged by Vajinder".

Wand was later fired. When asked how he knew where Toor lived, Wang said he had searched the internet, hospitals and had "googled" to find out Toor's address.

Prior to the day when he shot Toor, Wang said he had not gone to the victim's residence nor had he met him.

"I may kill myself," said Wang, 44 who is charged with murder, criminal attempt to commit murder, carrying weapons in a motor vehicle, carrying a handgun without a permit and unlawful discharge of a firearm.

He was arraigned last week in Superior Court in New Haven and is being held in lieu of US $2 million bail. At the request of his two public defenders, he has been kept under protective custody since the court appearance.

He also allegedly shot at Toor's pregnant wife, Parneeta Sidhu, but missed as she ducked behind a car.

A Chinese national, Wang had three guns and about 1,000 rounds of ammunition in the van  including two fully loaded semiautomatic handgun magazines in a coat pocket.

He told police that he was outside "Vanjander's" condominium in The Meadows complex "briefly"  from two to 10 minutes but did not know what time he arrived and "why he wanted to see" Toor.

Wang said he did not try to get into the house and did not know if Toor knew he was there  and when asked where the victim was before he was shot, "Mr Wang indicated that he was both outside of the car and he (victim) was not far from his car," Travisano wrote in the report.

Authorities have said Wang also had printouts of two other New York doctors he once worked with at Kingsbrook who were directly involved in the incident that led to his firing.

During the interrogation, Wang requested that an "attorney be arranged for his children".

Earlier, while still outside the Toor residence, Wang had requested that his head be covered "so that his children would not see him," Travisano wrote.

Throughout the interview which took place in English, even though Wang later requested a Mandarin interpreter for his court appearance the following morning Wang mistakenly called Toor "Vanjander."

He said he didn't know how to spell the name and said he did not know if "Vanjander" was the man's first or last name, the report says.

During the course of the interview, Wang also told the officers that his wife had cancer. Wang also clearly indicated that he wanted an attorney, signed the "consent to search" form.

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