This Article is From May 17, 2021

"I Drink Cow Urine Every Day, So Don't Have Covid": BJP MP Pragya Thakur

"Cow urine is a life-saver," BJP MP Pragya Thakur said, adding that it protected her from the coronavirus.

Two years ago, Pragya Thakur had claimed that a mix of cow urine, other cow products cured her cancer.


Cow urine can cure lung infection caused by Covid, BJP MP Pragya Thakur has said, once again shooting her mouth off as the country fights to keep the pandemic in check. She also reveals that she takes cow urine every day and it has protected her from the coronavirus.

"If we have desi gau mutra (urine from an indigenous cow) every day, then it cures lung infection from Covid. I am in deep pain but I take cow urine every day. So now, I don't have have to take any medicine against corona and I don't have corona," Pragya Thakur is heard telling a party gathering.

"Cow urine is a life-saver," says the MP, who wears saffron robes and calls herself a saint.

Two years ago, she had claimed that a mix of cow urine and other cow products had cured her cancer.

Pragya Thakur was admitted to Delhi's AIIMS hospital in December 2020 over Covid-19-induced symptoms.

Doctors have repeatedly warned against unproven alternative cures offered for Covid.

The Indian Medical Association has said there is no scientific evidence that cow dung or urine helps with the treatment or prevention of Covid.

"There is no concrete scientific evidence that cow dung or urine boosts immunity against COVID-19," Dr JA Jayalal, the head of the medical body, told Reuters.

Earlier this month, a BJP MLA in Uttar Pradesh, Surendra Singh, had claimed that drinking cow urine had protected him from the coronavirus. He also recommended "cow urine with a glass of cold water".

Last year, when the pandemic was in its early stages, BJP Bengal chief Dilip Ghosh had declared, "I have no qualm in accepting I consume cow urine". He was at an event in Kolkata in which people were urged to drink cow urine to guard against COVID-19.