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World Sight Day 2023: Tips for Protecting Your Eyes at Work and at Home

The eyes may become tired from the blue light that digital screens emit. Read on as we share some tips to combat damage.

World Sight Day 2023: Tips for Protecting Your Eyes at Work and at Home

World Sight Day 2023: It is important to make healthy choices to prevent eye conditions

The second Thursday in October is recognised as World Sight Day. It occurs on October 12 this year. The goal of this day is to bring attention to the significance of not taking sight for granted. It also exhorts individuals to take good care of their eyes. The aim of World Sight Day in 2023 is to put eye health at work first.

The eyes are the most important organ of the body that guides us in our day-to-day activities. However, we usually take our eyes for granted, unless we start having difficulty with our eyesight. To address this, World Sight Day is observed every year as a reminder of the significance of eye care. Taking care of your eyes is essential, especially while working in front of a digital screen.

Here are some tips to protect the eyes and keep the vision better while working at the office or at home:

Eye care for computer users 

It is necessary to take small breaks while working in front of the computer. Consider the 20-20-20 rule for work: take a twenty-second break every twenty minutes while focusing on an object that is situated about 20 feet away. Using this simple technique helps avoid digital eye fatigue or computer vision syndrome while reducing eye strain. Extended computer use often leads to common work-related eyestrain, but it can be mitigated through simple practices, like regular blinking and using prescribed eye lubrication. Additionally, getting your eyeglasses prescription checked annually is wise. For added eye protection, consider wearing anti-glare glasses.

Proper Lighting & Ergonomics

Sufficient lighting both at home and in the working environment helps prevent strain on the eyes. Reading or using a computer with insufficient light may make the eyes squint or strain them. Making sure that the workspace is well-lit and task lights are used for specific areas of focus may reduce the impact on the eyes.

Keep the computer screen straight where the eyes are easily aligned and maintain good ergonomics to reduce strain on the eyes. Set up a comfortable and visually ergonomically acceptable working environment by adjusting the chair, keyboard, and monitor.

Use blue-light filters 

Prolonged use of a digital screen can disturb the sleeping pattern. The eyes may become tired from the blue light that digital screens emit. The influence of blue light on the eyes can be reduced by the availability of blue light filter settings on many gadgets, especially those used at night.

Healthy lifestyle choices 

It is important to make healthy lifestyle choices to prevent any health condition. Especially for the eye, it is essential that vitamins such as A, C, and E and omega-3 fatty acids be included in a balanced diet. This will support the good health of the eyes. Carrots, leafy greens, citrus fruits, and fish are some of the foods that can be added to the plate. It is important to take enough water all day for good hydration of the eyes. Getting quality sleep helps maintain your overall well-being and even your eyes.

Following the above tips will help in safeguarding the eyes and ensuring that one can continue enjoying clear vision. Do not forget that eyes are priceless; show greater care to them.

Content By: Dr. Nidhi Gupta, Consultant – Cornea, Anterior Segment & Refractive Services, Dr. Shroff's Charity Eye Hospital

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