World Diabetes Day 2019: Manage Diabetes With The Right Diet! Our Nutritionist Will Tell You How

World Diabetes Day 2019: Diabetes is a chronic, metabolic disease characterized by high blood sugar resulting from defects in insulin production or insulin action, or both. Read here to know types of diabetes and some diet tips from expert.

World Diabetes Day 2019: Manage Diabetes With The Right Diet! Our Nutritionist Will Tell You How

Diabetes diet: Manage your diabetes with correct food choices and healthy lifestyle choices


  • World diabetes day is observed on November 14 each year
  • Low glycemic foods like whole grains are the best go for diabetics
  • One need to make necessary changes in diet and lifestyle

World diabetes day is observed on 14 November every year. This day tries to educate people about diabetes and various steps to control the condition. Diabetes is affecting huge population today. This day attempts to educate people about the various steps, precautions and prevention steps one can take to control the disease. Diabetes mellitus, commonly known as diabetes is a chronic, metabolic disease characterized by high blood sugar resulting from defects in insulin production or insulin action, or both. Here are some diet tips for every diabetic to control blood sugar levels and manage diabetes effectively.

Diabetes: Type, symptoms and diet tips

There are mainly two types of diabetes -

  • TYPE 1
  • TYPE 2

Both the diabetes have mostly common cause that is whenever you eat carbohydrates and sugars, your body breaks down them into glucose which fuels the cells in the body. But it is impossible for cells to take this glucose without the hormone- insulin. Insulin is the hormone produced in the pancreas which regulate the amount of glucose in the blood. Thus, if you are having diabetes that means either your body is not making enough insulin, or it can't use the insulin produced, or a combination of both.

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Diabetes can be managed effectively with some lifestyle changes
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Other than insulin, there are other factors leading to diabetes like age, sedentary lifestyle, dietary factors, etc. Untreated diabetes can result into kidney disease, blindness, nerve damage, stroke, or organ damage.

Type 1

The type 1 diabetes is also known as Juvenile diabetes because it often begins in childhood. It is an autoimmune condition, in which the pancrea is damaged and it doesn't produce insulin. Thus, for treatment insulin therapy is required in which insulin needs to be injected to the person.

Type 2

The type 2 diabetes usually occur in middle life or afterwards and its generally an outcome of lifestyle disorder. It is condition when your body becomes resistant to insulin. In this your pancreas are either producing less or enough insulin but your body cells have become resistant and do not accept it. This is accompanied by greater risk of heart diseases. Earlier it used to be called adult- onset diabetes, but with increasing epidemic of overweight kids, more teenagers are now developing the disease.

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Diabetes symptoms

There are diabetes symptoms and warning signs that can help you with the early detection of the disease.

  1. Polyuria (excessive urination)
  2. Polydipsia (excessive thirst)
  3. Polyphagia (excessive hunger)
  4. Fatigue
  5. Blurred vision
  6. Paresthesia (tingling sensation in feet and hands)

Diabetes: Diet tips for diabetes management

A person is known to be diabetic when his/her blood glucose level is 200mg/dl or higher. A diabetic person should follow the correct dietary practices to maintain or reduce his/her blood sugar level. The fact is that a diabetic person need not be on any special kind of diet. However, some food intake choices need to be tailored. Diabetics' dietary practices depend on 'glycemic index of foods' that is the index that show the ability of food to increase the level of sugar in blood.

1. Diabetics need not to restrict their carbohydrate intake, but their diet should be richer in complex carbohydrates

2. Protein from vegetable sources are better than animal proteins as they lack cholesterol and add roughage to diet

3. Low glycemic foods like whole grains, nuts, vegetables, beans are the best go for the diabetics

4. Fiber present in fruits, vegetables and whole cereals are great at controlling blood glucose level

5. It is just the myth that diabetics cannot have mangoes, or grapes. Eat all the fruits in diabetes as fructose (fruit sugar) will eventually manage your blood sugar.

6. Diabetics can also have sweets but in moderation and accompanied with fiber

7. Choose seed oils rather than vegetable oils

8. Say no to biscuits, packaged and canned foods


Choosing the right foods can help you control diabetes naturally
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Thus, diabetes is not only a medical condition, it's a condition managing your life. Manage your diabetes with correct food choices, diet and exercising regularly.

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