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Weight Loss Tips: Here's How Meal Timings Can Help You Burn More Fat And Curb Appetite

Are you following your diet correctly and still not losing weight? Not just the number of calories, your meal time can also affect the result of your weight loss journey. Eating your meal earlier in a day can help you lose weight effectively. It will improve metabolism and fat burning.

Weight Loss Tips: Here's How Meal Timings Can Help You Burn More Fat And Curb Appetite

Weight Loss Tips: Right meal time can make you eat less throughout the day


  • Eating earlier in a day can help you lose more weight
  • Meal timing strategy will reduce hunger hormone in your body
  • You will experience better metabolism after planning your meals

A restricted diet can lead to weight loss. But is it enough to lose the desired amount of weight? Not just the diet, time also plays a role in your weight loss process. If you are trying to lose weight you need to keep a check on the time as well along with the calories you are consuming. A recent study also highlights the significance of meal timing in the whole weight loss process. The timings of the meal majorly affect the metabolism of a person. The study which was published in the journal Obesity mentioned that you may burn more fat throughout the day if the last meal of the day is consumed earlier. The study also suggested that there should be a fixed time for every meal you are eating in a day.

For the study, the participants were divided into two groups who ate three meals per day for 4 days. Both the groups were given the same meal but at different time. The first group followed the early time-restricted feeding whereas the other group followed the control schedule. The first group ate their first meal at 8:00 am and the last meal at 2:00 pm and fasted for almost 18 hours. On the other hand, the second group ate their first meal at 8:00 am but the last meal at 8:00 pm and fasted for 12 hours. After following the same routine for four days, all the participants went under a few tests to measure metabolism, hunger hormone, appetite, desire to eat and weight.

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The findings of the study concluded that the first group which followed early time-restricted feeding had lower levels of hunger hormones and a reduced appetite. This group also burned more fat in a day.


Weight Loss: You can burn fat effectively by fixing your meal time
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What is the right time to eat to lose weight?

Time can play a major role in your weight loss process. If you want your diet and exercise to give you the best results, you need to make a plan to fix your meal timings. You will find different suggestions on the internet to schedule your meals. Here are some tips to time your meal to lose weight.

1. The best tip which is often advised to everyone is - eat small meals at regular intervals. Do not eat the whole food at one time. Break it into sections so that you can eat them at regular intervals.

2. As the above-mentioned study explained, you should eat the last meal of the day earlier. If you want to lose weight never eat anything after 7:00 pm. Try to eat the last meal as early as possible.

3. The gaps between the meals often make you eat more. Hunger pangs can hit you hard at that time and you will end up consuming unnecessary calories. Time your meals with small gaps so that you do not feel hungry in between.

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