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Weight Loss Tips: Add These Filling Foods To Your Diet To Keep Belly Fat At Bay

Say no to belly fat with some simple dietary changes. Add some filling foods which will keep hunger away. Here is the list of filling foods which you can add to your diet without giving a second thought.

Weight Loss Tips: Add These Filling Foods To Your Diet To Keep Belly Fat At Bay

Weight Loss Diet Tips: Filling foods will reduce your appetite and make you eat less


  • You need to consume fewer calories to reduce belly fat
  • To deal with hunger pangs you need to consume filling foods
  • Popcorn can be your easy snack which will not contribute to belly fat

While following a diet for weight loss you need to reduce the number of calories you are consuming. You need to burn more calories than you are consuming. That is why any diet for weight loss restricts the number of calories you are consuming. But the hunger pangs can hit you any time of the day and make you eat more than required. You often end up consuming more calories to deal with hunger which leads to the accumulation of belly fat. To deal with such a situation, you need to search for foods which are filling and contain fewer calories at the same time. Such foods will restrict you from consuming an extra amount of calories than you are allowed to. Even if you are not on a diet you can consume these foods to maintain a healthy weight. Here are some low calorie filling foods which can help you control belly fat.

Filling foods to avoid belly fat

1. Eggs

Eggs are a great source of protein and filling at the same time. The benefits of protein for weight loss are quite popular these days. One large hard-boiled egg contains less than 100 calories. Eggs will provide you a huge amount of protein and you do not have to count calories as well. It is a quick snack which you can prepare any time and avoid eating junk. A boiled egg is a perfect choice. It can be added to your breakfast which will provide you energy for the rest of the day.


Weight Loss Diet Tips: Eggs are the most filling foods with less than 100 calories
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2. Oats

Oats are one of the healthiest and the most weight-loss-friendly you can consume to kill hunger. It can help you prevent the belly fat to grow. The best time to eat oats is for breakfast. Oatmeal is loaded with fibre which will keep you full for longer. It will balance your hunger throughout the day. You will feel less urge to eat throughout the day and it will also provide you the required energy to perform day to day tasks. Oats will also improve digestion and provide you with various essential nutrients.

3. Salad

A salad may sound a little boring but you know it very well how healthy it is. When it comes to consumption of minimum calories per bite then there is nothing better than a salad. Most vegetables are loaded with fibre which makes salad extremely filling. You can combine the best vegetables according to your choice and enjoy a salad. To keep it healthy do not add any sauce or oil to it. Now keep belly fat away from you with a salad of your favourite vegetables.

4. Nuts

Nuts are extremely filling. A handful of nuts a day are enough to keep you full for longer. Nuts are rich in good fats. A handful of nuts are a powerhouse of nutrients. But nuts are high in calories as well so need to monitor the quantity very carefully. Eat nuts in a restricted quantity so that you do not consume extra calories than required.


Weight Loss Diet Tips: You can eat nuts in moderation to fight belly fat
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5. Popcorn

Popcorn is a tasty and healthy snack which you will love the most. Popcorn lies under the 100 calorie category. You can easily prepare popcorn but make sure that you do not add butter on it. Popcorn will provide you fibre. It will satisfy your stomach as well as your taste buds. Most people love popcorn so, enjoy your favourite snack and keep belly fat at bay.

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