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Weight Loss Tips: 5 Diet Mistakes You Should Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

When trying to lose weight, you need to avoid some diet mistakes. Here's a list of top diet mistakes you should stop making for effective results.

Weight Loss Tips: 5 Diet Mistakes You Should Avoid When Trying To Lose Weight

Weight loss tips: Right portion control helps you achieve effective results


  • Burning more calories than you consume helps in weight loss
  • Do not skip meals when trying to lose weight
  • Do not forget to add healthy fats to your weight loss diet

Most weight-watchers believe that restricted calorie consumption and regular exercising are enough for reaching their weight loss goals. However, there is so much more to successful weight loss than just relying on the age-old notions. Among the things which one should do, there are many things which one must not, to prevent sabotaging your weight loss goals or even risking your health. Here are the five diet mistakes that can reverse your weight loss progress.

Weight loss tips: Top diet mistakes you should be avoiding

1. Skipping meals

Many fad diets suggest that one should skip meals to accelerate the process of losing weight. Although it might seem logical at first, reducing your calorie consumption this way can slow down your metabolism and increase your cravings even more. Therefore, make sure to eat healthy, balanced, and nutrient-dense meals, full of fiber and proteins, which give you energy and reduce hunger pangs.


Weight loss: Avoid skipping meals when trying to lose weight
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2. Eating fat-free or low-fat processed foods

Promoted as healthy-eating options, low-fat or fat-free processed foods are often loaded with sugar and other additives that can ruin your weight loss attempts. Therefore, try to minimize the consumption of processed foods as much as possible and maximize the intake of natural fruits and vegetables.

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3. Over-eating healthy foods

Do not assume that over-eating healthy foods would not hinder your attempts at weight loss. Whether calories come from unhealthy foods or nutrient-dense foods, they would lead to weight gain if consumed in excess. So, make sure to keep in mind the serving size of healthy foods before including them in the diet.

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4. Enjoying cheat meals after workout

Many people assume that they deserve a treat after exerting themselves for hours in the gym. But, if you binge on unhealthy snacks after a workout, your weight loss efforts are bound to go in vain. So, make sure to consume quality calories from whole grains, lean meats, vegetables, fruits, or nuts after a workout to fuel your weight loss process.


Consuming extra calories post-workout may affect your weight loss efforts
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5. Drinking calories

Replacing meals with sugary fruit juices and calorie-rich smoothies might be the real culprits of your weight gain. Rather, consume water in an adequate amount to stay hydrated and switch to zero-calorie drinks to manage weight.

(Garima Goyal is a Ludhiana-based Dietician)

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