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Weight Loss: Looking For Budget-Friendly Protein-Rich Meals? Read This

Weight loss: Who said that following a healthy diet has to be always heavy on your pocket? This simple meal suggested by health coach Digvijay Singh can provide you with a good dose of protein, healthy carbs and fibre. Try it now!

Weight Loss: Looking For Budget-Friendly Protein-Rich Meals? Read This

Weight loss: Protein-rich meals can be easy on the pocket too!


  • Dal rice makes for a meal with complete amino acid profile
  • It can provide with good-quality protein
  • Add some boiled chicken to the meal to improve protein profile

Have you always yearned for budget-friendly meals that provide you with optimum nutrition? Look no further. A common concern among people when following a healthy diet is how to have budget meals that can be prepared easily, with ingredients already available in the kitchen. To your sheer surprise, a lot of nutrition can be obtained from the time-tested meals that you have had when growing up. Celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar often advocates eating local, seasonal and cultural food-which are basically a part of the diet that not just you, but even your family has been having for generations.

Simple protein-rich nourishing meal that you can have on a budget

Nutritionist, health coach and Ayurvedic expert Digvijay Singh recently took to Instagram to share a humble meal that you can have on a budget, and it will provide you with a good amount of protein, healthy carbs, fats and fibre.

In his Reels, Singh shares a few ideas wherein you can have a meal replete with all these nutrients. All the ingredients that you need are under Rs 50!

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To have this meal, you can have one cup of rice (4 gm protein), along with one cup moong dal (15 gm protein); 1/4 cup of beetroot (an iron-rich veggie; 1.5 gm protein) and one cup boiled or cooked chicken (100 gm chicken will give you 20 gm protein). Top it with some green chilly and a sprinkle of lemon juice, and there, you have your budget meal which is an excellent source of protein, ready!

On careful observation, you will see that rice, dal, vegetable and chicken are all combinations in which you have already had your food. None of the ingredients are too fancy and neither are they heavy on the pocket. You can find these ingredients anywhere and everywhere, and no extra shopping or visit to the grocery store is needed for a humble preparation like this.

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Dal and rice is a protein-rich meal with a complete amino acid profile. Boiled or cooked chicken, as we all know is an excellent source of protein. A small serving of beetroot not only add more fibre and volume to the meal, but also enhances it with iron, which can make you feel energetic and also boost digestion.

So here's an easy-to-prepare, budget-friendly, protein-rich meal that you can have for lunch today. For goals like weight loss, muscle gain, better digestion and a healthy gut, this meal is ideal. Try it now!

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(Digvijay Singh is a health coach, nutritionist and Ayurvedic expert)

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