Weight Loss: Get Fit For The Upcoming Festive Season With This High Intensity Pyramid Workout

The festive season is just around the corner. Want to get in shape before the festivities? Here's an effective workout you should try.

Weight Loss: Get Fit For The Upcoming Festive Season With This High Intensity Pyramid Workout

Exercising at home along with a healthy diet can help you maintain a healthy weight

Regular exercising is essential if you want to build muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercising lends oxygen and nutrients to your tissues which in turn, help your organs function smoothly. If you work out regularly, you often find yourself pushing limits to increase your energy levels. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts, packed with intense exercises, tend to show effective results. And, to add fun some more fun to your sessions, fitness trainer Kayla Itsines is here with a HIIT Pyramid workout video. This is a part of her energy boost challenge. She demonstrated five exercises that you need to do continuously without resting in between. After that, you can take a break for 30 seconds and do the second round.

Wait, there is more. There is a time limit for each exercise. And, those who are opting for the workout session must keep up with the time, suggests Kayle. In a detailed caption, she has named those five exercises.

Kayla performed the following exercises in the video:

1) Burpee - 10 secs

2) Plank Dips - 20 secs

3) X-Plank - 30 secs

4) Kneel to Knee-Up - 20 secs

5) Jump Squat - 10 secs

Rest for 30 seconds

Start with round 2.   

Take a look

If you think, this is a difficult nut to crack, fret not. We have another HIIT session video from Kayle which is slightly easy. "Getting a good workout in doesn't mean that you have to spend hours in the gym, and I know for a lot of people that isn't a realistic approach. This program blends together a fast High-Intensity Interval Training format, with a strong focus on your core and abs," she said.

Kayle has demonstrated the following exercises for core and abs:


Rocking Chair Push-Up (12 reps)

Skipping (30 seconds)


Commando (12 reps)

Mountain Climber (30 seconds)


Curl & Press (15 reps)

Bicep Curl (15 reps)

Tricep Extension (15 reps)

You must complete three laps for each circuit, Kayle added. 

We hope that Kayla's high-intensity exercises help you in the fitness journey.

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