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Vitamin C Deficiency: 7 Common Signs And Symptoms You Must Know

Vitamin C is required for some essential functions by the human body. Deficiency of vitamin C can lead to some health problems. If you are wondering that you are consuming enough vitamin C or not, here are the signs and symptoms of vitamin C deficiency.

Vitamin C Deficiency: 7 Common Signs And Symptoms You Must Know

Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms: You can notice changes in your skin due to low levels of vitamin C


  • Your skin is likely to suffer due to vitamin C deficiency
  • Vitamin C supports a strong immune system
  • Your body cannot produce vitamin C itself

Vitamin C is one of the essential nutrients that the human body needs. Vitamin C is a strong antioxidant which can protect your heart and prevent you from other chronic diseases. Vitamin C is also extremely good for your skin health. It is also responsible for the absorption of iron from your diet which prevents iron deficiency. Vitamin C also supports a strong immune system. You need to consume foods rich in vitamin C as it cannot be produced by your body. Vitamin C is generally present in citric foods. If you are not consuming vitamin C in enough quantity you are likely to face some symptoms. These symptoms indicate the need to add more vitamin C in your diet. If the deficiency is too severe you may also need to consume supplements.

Signs and symptoms of vitamin C deficiency

1. Dry skin

Vitamin C is good for your skin health. You will notice almost every skin product contains vitamin C. High content of antioxidants makes vitamin C beneficial for the skin. Poor intake of vitamin C results in dry and damaged skin. You can also notice wrinkles on your skin in many places.

2. Slow healing of wounds

Vitamin C deficiency can lead to a slow rate of collagen formation which results in slow healing of wounds. Lack of vitamin C will also increase the spread of infections. This sign is usually visible when there is severe vitamin C deficiency.

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3. Poor dental health

Not just your skin your teeth are also likely to suffer due to vitamin C deficiency. Poor collagen formation due to lower levels of vitamin C leads to bleeding gums. Swollen gums are also a common condition of vitamin C deficiency. Severe deficiency can even lead to tooth loss.

4. Iron deficiency and anemia

Vitamin C helps the body to absorb the iron from the diet consumed. It leads to iron deficiency and anemia. Excessive bleeding can also lead to anemia. Consuming just iron is not enough, you need to consume enough amount of vitamin C for its absorption.

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5. Poor immunity

Vitamin C is rich in antioxidants which help in building strong immunity. Poor levels of vitamin C lead to a poor level of immunity. You may fall sick very often as you are more prone to infections. Sometimes it can also increase the risk of some severe diseases.

6. Weight gain

You may gain weight due to vitamin C deficiency as well. Vitamin C deficiency leads to deposition of fat, especially around the belly. If you are not trying to gain weight, vitamin C deficiency could be the reason behind your unexplained weight gain.


Low levels of vitamin C affects the way your body burns fat
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7. Constant tiredness

Low levels of vitamin C can make you feel tired all the time. Low immunity and anemia can also trigger this condition. You may feel lack of energy to complete a task. Irritability is also experienced due to vitamin C deficiency.

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If you are experiencing these symptoms you need to consult your doctor and get yourself tested. You doctor will help you understand the level of deficiency and ways to tackle it.

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