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Try These 7 Foods That Have More Potassium Than A Banana To Control High Blood Pressure

Potassium-rich foods can help you control blood pressure and offer some amazing health benefits. Here are some foods loaded with potassium other than a banana you should not miss.

Try These 7 Foods That Have More Potassium Than A Banana To Control High Blood Pressure

Potassium-rich foods can help regulate blood pressure numbers


  • Potassium promotes overall heart health
  • Banana is a popular potassium source
  • Eat watermelon daily to control high blood pressure naturally

Potassium is an important micro mineral that your body needs. Potassium offers several health benefits to your body. It helps in the functioning of the nervous system. Potassium plays a major role in maintaining healthy blood pressure numbers. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a serious health condition that requires timely treatment. Diet can help in managing healthy blood pressure numbers. It is advised to add potassium-rich foods to your diet as it helps in regulating blood pressure. Banana is famous for it's potassium content. A medium-sized banana contains around 422 mg of potassium. Several foods other than banana can also provide you a good amount of potassium. Here's a list of foods that can provide you more potassium than a banana.

Potassium-rich foods other than a banana

1. Dried apricots

Dried fruits can help you reap the benefits of the fruit during the off season as well. Dried apricot is a commonly consumed dried fruit. Around six dried apricots can provide you 488 mg of potassium. Eating dried apricots can help you boost immunity, promote eye health, bone health and much more.

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2. Spinach

Spinach is one of the healthiest green leafy vegetables. It is loaded with a variety of nutrients. Spinach contains a high amount of water and fibre. It can also provide you essential vitamins like vitamin A, C and K. Spinach is also loaded with folic acid, iron and calcium. Eating a cup of spinach can also help in weight loss by keeping you full for longer.


Spinach is loaded with iron and several other essential nutrients
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3. Coconut water

Drinking coconut water is the perfect refreshing treat you need during summer. This drink is loaded with several essential nutrients. You can replace sugary drinks with coconut water. It will keep you hydrated, provide you enough potassium and help get rid of toxins from the body.

4. Watermelon

Watermelon is a summer fruit loaded with water. You should not miss watermelon during the summer season. This fruit is beneficial for your overall heart health. It can also help in lowering blood pressure numbers with a high amount of potassium content.

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5. Potatoes

Potatoes are commonly used in different Indian recipes. Both potato and sweet potato are a good source of potassium. Add these to your diet in moderation in different ways.

6. Pomegranate

Another fruit that can offer plenty of potassium is pomegranate. It contains fibre, protein, vitamin C, vitamin K and folate. Pomegranate also offers you anti-inflammatory properties. Bring down your blood pressure and fight the risk of other health issues with this wonder fruit.


Pomegranate can help control high blood pressure
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7. Orange juice

Many drink orange juice for breakfast. It will provide you plenty of vitamin C as well as potassium. You can also eat an orange which will provide you the fibre as well.

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