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This One Dieting Mistake Can Ruin Your Weight Loss Goals

You weight loss goals may be disrupted if you are dieting, but not drinking enough water. Read here to know how lack of water can harm your body.

This One Dieting Mistake Can Ruin Your Weight Loss Goals

Drinking enough water is the key to your dieiting regime


  • Drinking enough water can boost metabolism
  • If you are dieting for weight loss, you must drink lots of water
  • Sufficient water intake can help you have a glowing skin

Dieting has evolved to become a common everyday-topic nowadays. The zeal to lose or gain weight and get a perfectly toned body has made people give up on some food groups in full entirety. Today, there are diets according to your blood group, which seem way more complicated than a low-carb diet (which requried to cut out almost all carbs). There are diets which require you to not eat after some point of time (intermittent fasting) or those which allow you to eat carbs on some days of the week only. But, what is interesting is that all these diets can fail to show desired results in the set period of time if you make one mistake: not drinking enough water.

Insufficient water intake: the biggest mistake you can make while dieting

People on extreme, calorie-deficit and food group restricting diets are likely to be lesser hydrated with high levels of salt, according to If you are dieting and feel excessively thirsty, it is a sign your body is giving you for being dehydrated.

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When you feel thirsty while dieting, it may often be confused as hunger. This makes you munch on a snack while all you really need was a glassful of water.

Sufficient water intake has previously been proven to boost your metabolism, thus aiding weight loss. Weight loss, however, is dependent on a number of factors. You need to exercise regularly, take less stress, keep a check on your daily calorie intake and eat a balanced diet in order to prevent any nutritional deficiencies.


Drinking enough water is important for weight loss 
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Drinking enough water is the key to losing weight. But, drinking lots of water and eating fried or junk food or sugary foods too will not help you lose weight.

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Other benefits of drinking sufficient water every day is healthy, glowing and clear skin, efficient metabolism, healthy kidneys, healthy menstruation, fewer muscle cramps, fewer headaches and good brain health.

How to increase water intake for weight loss 

1. Make sure that you are always carrying a water bottle with you.

2. Set periodical alarm clocks on your phone as a reminder for drinking water.

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3. Hydrate with food by including foods with high water content in your diet. These foods include cucumber, watermelon, iceberg lettuce, radish, milk, spinach, bananas, strawberries, etc.

4. Whenever you feel hunger pangs while on dieting, go for a glass of water first. Maybe you're just thirsty. It may curb the pangs and will also make you drink water.

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