This 5 Minute Intense Leg Workout Is All You Need For Toned Legs

Leg workout: Fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala demonstrates 5 power-packed exercises to help get your legs in shape.

This 5 Minute Intense Leg Workout Is All You Need For Toned Legs

Weight loss: When at home, try this intense 5 minute workout for toned legs


  • Try this easy leg workout at home that can be done in 5 minutes
  • Strong legs can help you improve balance and coordination
  • Lunges are a perfect leg workout that requires no equipment

It's no secret that exercising regularly has innumerable benefits. Stress can be tackled effectively during a strenuous workout session. When it comes to exercising it is always best to workout in a staggered manner wherein you focus on one body part on a day for better results. Now, we have fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala who has shared a list of exercises for a leg day on Instagram. Yasmin posted the videos along with the caption wherein she wrote, "My secret for your 5-minute leg burn. No gym? No time? No problem. I know how frustrating it can be when you only have a short period of time to workout."

Weight loss: Quick leg workout for toned legs

Yasmin suggested doing each exercise for a full minute. She said, "Do each exercise for a full minute and voila you'll feel a burn in your legs in one round. If you have more time, repeat it for 2 or 3 rounds." 

The exercises demonstrated by Yasmin in the videos are as follows: 

She also shared a modified version of each exercise to help those who have just started their fitness journey. 

Reverse Lunge + Arabesque

M: Alt Reverse Lunge

Side Lunge with Figure 8

M: Side to Side Squat

Squat + Ankle Tap in Standing

M: Ankle Taps

Figure 4 Bridge (30 secs each side)

M: Bridge

Decline Knee Drive (30 secs each side)

M: All 4's Knee Drive

Previously, Yasmin had shared a video combining two workout techniques, HIIT and Pilates for a full-body workout with the help of model and actor Sophie Choudry. The quick exercises are perfect for those who choose to workout at home due to the pandemic. Read all about the exercises here

The fitness trainer had also demonstrated HIIT exercises to do at home with the help of dumbbells. However, if you do not have dumbbells, Yasmin suggested using water bottles instead. She said, "Use water bells (water bottles) if you don't have dumbbells." In the video, Yasmin displayed 5 high-energy exercises along with simple and modified versions to help beginners workout more effectively without straining their bodies. 

If you do not find the time to workout regularly, Yasmin said, "Moving 5 mins a day is definitely better than not moving at all."

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