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Struggling To Follow A Diet? Follow These Expert Recommended Tips For Healthy Eating

Healthy eating tips: Spend time in preparing your food, plan your meals beforehand. Every time you have a meal, it should be looked at as an opportunity to nourish yourself. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal recommends these tips for eating healthy.

Struggling To Follow A Diet? Follow These Expert Recommended Tips For Healthy Eating

Eating healthy cannever be boring if you choose to eat what you like and prepare it in a healthy way


  • Plan your meals on a weekly basis
  • Carry healthy snacks like nuts and seeds
  • Learn to prepare healthier varieties of your favourite foods

Healthy eating is not as easy as it seems. First, you need the motivation to convince yourself to give up on junk, deep fried, processed and packaged food. Second, you need to practice meal prepping in order to ensure that you eat healthy food at all times. Now healthy food can often get boring. Evening hunger pangs are particularly difficult to overcome as that is the time when one experiences craving for comfort and filling food. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal, in one of her recent IGTV's, says that healthy eating can also taste good, if you choose the right ingredients and cook it smartly.

Nmami Agarwal gives guidelines for healthy eating

There are a number of ways to add zing to your meal. In India, there is such a diverse variety of spices, that making your meal flavourful need not be a difficult task.

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Nmami says that there are two ways to make your meal delicious:

1. Choose the ingredients smartly

This means that the ingredients should be fresh and of a premium quality. Doing so will enhance the texture and flavour of food. Also, work on presentation of the food so that you enjoy every time you have a meal.

2. Season it smartly

Prepare your food with a variety of seasonings, so as to make it flavourful and also to impart a soothing aroma to food.

Every time you have a meal, it should be looked at as an opportunity to nourish yourself. And make it fun and interesting for yourself. Aromatic food which is presented well is something that everyone enjoys.

"Eating healthy does not mean that you have to force yourself to eat foods like kale, tofu or spinach, just because they have extra nutritive value. Eating healthy can never be boring if you choose to eat what you like," says Agarwal.


Use a variety of spices in your food to make it flavourful
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Tips for healthy preparation of some unhealthy foods

"If you crave for junk food, find its healthier substitute. Pizza, for example, is considered to be junk food. But it can be quite nourishing if you choose the right ingredients and toppings. Balance is the key when it comes to eating healthy. "

You can make a healthy pizza by using a whole wheat pizza base, instead of the one made with flour. Top it up with some greens and skip the ketchup.

Brownie is another comfort food which can be convincingly called as junk food. The amount of sugar and refined flour used in preparation of brownie makes it unhealthy. Refined flour can be replaced with oats flour and sugar can be replaced with dates, raisins or jaggery. You can also add some nuts for added crunch.

"But let me tell you one thing," Agarwal asserts, "The more time you spend in preparing foods, the more interesting healthy food becomes."

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(Nmami Agarwal is nutritionist at Nmami Life)

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