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Skincare Tips: How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Skin? Here's The Answer

Skincare tips: Exfoliation is extremely important for the ski to get rid of the dead skin cells and impurities from the skin. here are some expert guidelines for you to understand the importance of exfoliation and how how often your skin need exfoliation.

Skincare Tips: How Often Should You Exfoliate Your Skin? Here's The Answer

Skincare tips: Know how many times you should exfoliate your skin in a week


  • Scrubbing can help you prevent clogged pores
  • Exfoliation help in removal of dead skin cells
  • Over-scrubbing can harm your skin

Do you think washing your face is the only thing you need to maintain healthy skin? Exfoliation is an important part of skincare routine which you must follow regularly. Exfoliation or scrubbing is important to get rid of dead skin cells, impurities and dirt. It can also help you get rid of clogged pores. This will help you prevent acne and breakouts. If you do not exfoliate your skin, you may experience clogged pores, deposition of dead skin cells, dirt and pollution. On the other hand, over-exfoliation can also harm your skin. To know how many times you should exfoliate your skin, we spoke to an expert. Read on to know the answers and how to exfoliate your skin perfectly.

Skincare tips: How many times should you exfoliate your skin?

Dr. Sravya Chowdary Tipirneni, a Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist at Columbia Asia Hospital, says that "Patients usually come with a history of excessive scrubbing or experimenting with different scrubs that they might have read from social media platform. This, in fact, can be detrimental to pre-existing acne or sensitive skin, so ideally it should be a gentle exfoliation, making it not more than twice a week, in order to avoid further scarring or worsen of acne."

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Skincare tips: According to experts you should exfoliate your skin twice a day
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Steps to exfoliate skin perfectly

"Exfoliation is needed for the skin as the skin undergoes a cycle that removes the top layer of dead cells and regenerates new ones every week, so for a fresh rejuvenated look regular exfoliation of the dead cell layer is required," added Dr. Tipirneni. You should exfoliate your skin twice a week. For perfect exfoliation, follow these steps-

1. Clean your face and apply exfoliator on your face evenly

2. Rub it on your skin in circular motions for around 1minute

3. Wash your face properly

4. In the end, apply moisturiser


Skincare tips: Choose a scrub according to your skin type
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Do not miss applying a moisturiser after exfoliation. Exfoliation will also help your skin absorb the product effectively.

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(Sravya Chowdary Tipirneni, Consultant Dermatologist and Cosmetologist, Columbia Asia Hospital Whitefield)

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