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Skincare Tips: Beauty Sleep Is Real! Know The Benefits Of This Age-Old Secret

Skincare tips: Deep sleep helps to recharge, re-energise and detoxify skin cells for better skin health.

Skincare Tips: Beauty Sleep Is Real! Know The Benefits Of This Age-Old Secret

Skincare tips: A healthy sleep schedule can help you boost skin health in many ways


  • A healthy skincare routine helps ensure healthy skin
  • Your diet and lifestyle also affect your skin health
  • A beauty sleep should be a part of your sleep schedule

Admit it or not, almost everyone is obsessed with easy beauty hacks and skincare routines. Most days, you worry if your skin is growing dull or whether you have picked the right sunscreen. Amid all these calculated steps, are you sure you aren't missing out on something more important? Perhaps you are. Amid busy lives, you often overlook the importance of good sleep and this is exactly what your skin needs for a perfect glow. Celebrity cosmetic dermatologist Dr Chytra V Anand says that beauty sleep is no more a thing to make fun of. In her Instagram video, she recommends good sleep for healthier skin.

Skincare tips: Here's how healthy sleep schedule is important for healthy, glowing skin

According to Dr Chytra, 7 to 9 hours of sleep is important to keep your body and skin healthy. However, it also depends on the quality of sleep. To make sure you get good quality sleep, she suggests to make a habit of sleeping early. Why? Because, by sleeping early, you give your bodies a chance to dip into deep sleep for the longest time. But how does deep sleep help skin?

Dr Chytra answers by explaining that during deep sleep, your body recharges, re-energises and detoxifies through the lymphatic system. "This is how cell energy gets recharged. Skin cells with recharged energy mean better and healthier skin," she said. Good sleep restores the body's functioning and helps in the circulation of blood. Good circulation is important to keep skin taut and young.


Good sleep restores the body's functioning and helps in the circulation of blood, says expert
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The lymphatic system improves with better sleep. This system helps in flushing away the toxins from the body, including the toxins in the skin cells. Detoxified skin cells result in rejuvenated skin.

Now you know how a good quantity and quality of sleep can improve your skin health. But what are the skin problems that can be solved by following a good sleep schedule? The dermatologist says that good sleep can help combat these problems:

1. Face puffiness, which many of us face after waking up in the morning

2. Dark circles around the eyes

3. Pigmentation on skin

4. Wrinkles and premature signs of ageing


Skincare tips: Prevent premature signs of ageing with a healthy sleep cycle
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With these compelling reasons, make sure to plan a sleep schedule that is worthy of our skin. 

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