Nutrition Guidance Can Restrict Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain: Weight Loss Tips For Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain

Proper nutrition guidance can help obese and pregnant women safely restrict weight gain. According to a study conducted by Northwestern Medicine, overweight mothers gained 2.5 kgs less during their pregnancy with the help of right nutrition guidance.

Nutrition Guidance Can Restrict Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain: Weight Loss Tips For Post-Pregnancy Weight Gain

Nutritional guidance can be helpful for overweight or obese women


  1. It may take a year or two to lose pregnancy weight
  2. Nutritional guidance can be helpful for overweight/obese pregnant women
  3. Aerobic exercises can help in losing pregnancy weight

Weight gain after pregnancy is a common scenario. Many pregnant women ensure they exercise during the pregnancy and eat just the right amount of food which is required for growth and nutrition of the body. But they do end up gaining extra kilos after delivery. The situation is even more difficult for obese and overweight pregnant women. But according to a new study, proper nutrition guidance can help obese and pregnant women safely restrict weight gain. Conducted by Northwestern Medicine, the study mentions that overweight mothers gained 2.5 kgs less during their pregnancy. Their babies were born within the normal range of weight. It was with the help of nutritional counselling on a healthy diet and lifestyle, in support of a smartphone diet app which was commercially available, and a coaching through the phone or on the internet.

The study is indicative of the fact that opting for a healthier diet and lifestyle throughout pregnancy, women can prevent post-pregnancy weight gain.


A healthy diet can prevent excessive weight gain after pregnancy
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Women who are overweight are at higher risk of gestational weigh gain. Other risks for both mothers and babies include high blood pressure, birth defects, diabetes and preeclampsia. Results of this study are published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

According to Institute of Medicine, women gain around 11 to 16 kgs during pregnancy. This weight is a combination of breast tissue, the baby, more blood, enlargement of the uterus and extra fat stores. The extra fat is somehow important as it acts as an energy reserve for the birth and breastfeeding. But it is the excess weight gain which results in too much fat and is this is what poses many health risks.

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So here are a few ways which can help you lose pregnancy weight:

1. Get realistic: Many people tend to get influenced by hearing celebrity stories of post-pregnancy weight loss. Believe it or not, celebrities have much more resources to shed post-pregnancy weight quickly. It does take over a year of two lose pregnancy weight. And it all depends on how much weight you have gained during the pregnancy.


Aerobic exercises like running can help in losing pregnancy weight
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2. Avoid going on crash diets: There is really no point in going on crash diets, losing weight quickly, then regaining it quickly while also compromising on your health. After giving birth to a baby, your body needs good nutrition to recover and heal. Also, breastfeeding women require more calories than normal. Going on crash or low-calorie diets can make you nutrient deficient and leave you feeling tired. Focus on eating healthy and nutritious while you want to lose post-pregnancy weight.

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3. Eat more fibre: Including more fibrous foods in your diet can help in weight loss as they keep a person feeling full for longer and curbs hunger pangs as well.

4. Include more protein in your diet: Eating more proteins is going to help in boosting metabolism along with reducing appetite as well as caloric intake.

5. Exercise: The sooner you start exercising, the better it is for you to lose post-pregnancy weight gain. Aerobic exercises like running, walking, cycling and jogging can help in losing post-pregnancy weight gain. A combination of regular exercise and a healthy diet is the most effective way to lose weight. 

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