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Not Just Weight Loss Lauki Ka Juice Can Help You Fight Diabetes As Well; Here's How

Lauki ka juice may not sound very tasty but it is loaded with health benefits. It is usually consumed for weight loss. Bottle gourd juice is also beneficial for diabetes patients. Know the reasons why you can add it to your diabetes diet.

Not Just Weight Loss Lauki Ka Juice Can Help You Fight Diabetes As Well; Here's How

Diabetes Diet: Lauki ka juice can help you control blood sugar levels


  • Lauki ka juice is widely consumed for weight loss
  • It can also help you control blood sugar levels
  • Bottle gourd juice does not contain any calories

Everyone is looking for different ways to fight diabetes. If left uncontrolled there are many severe complications associated with diabetes. Controlling your blood sugar levels is extremely important if you are suffering from diabetes. Diet plays a crucial role in maintaining your blood sugar levels. Diabetes diet should include such foods which can help you naturally control blood sugar levels. A diabetes patient should carefully choose the elements of their diet keeping in consideration the impact of the food consumed on their blood sugar levels. Bottle gourd juice commonly known as lauki ka juice is quite famous for weight loss. This extremely healthy drink is also good for diabetes patients. If you are a diabetic you can add bottle gourd to your diet to control blood sugar levels.

Benefits of bottle gourd for diabetes: Lauki ka juice for diabetes

Lauki or bottle gourd is beneficial for diabetes as it contains huge amount of water content and fibre. It is one of the healthiest vegetables for diabetics. Consumption of lauki ka juice will result in reduction in blood sugar levels.

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Senior Dietician, Ms. Ruchika Jain explained, "Bottle gourd juice has a huge amount of antioxidants and it is diuretic in nature which is good for diabetic people. It also has lipid lowering properties. It hardly contains any calorie but do have nutrients and huge water content which makes it healthy for a diabetes patient. But no studies have shown direct link between bottle gourd and diabetes."


Diabetes: Bottle gourd juice is loaded with water content and fiber
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When is the best time to consume bottle gourd juice and how much?

Ms. Ruchika further explained, "It can be consumed in the morning, but not more than 100 ml. Consumption should be in moderation. But it should not be consumed if it tastes bitter."


Diabetes diet: Moderate changes on your diet can help you control blood sugar levels naturally
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How to prepare bottle gourd juice for diabetes?

To control blood sugar levels you can prepare bottle gourd juice with some simple steps. Prepare fresh juice with bottle gourd. It may not taste so well. To improve its taste you can add some other vegetables as well or simply add some mint leaves, ginger, lemon or rock salt but in restricted quantity. Not just juice you can also prepare other foods with it and add to your diabetes diet.

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(Ms. Ruchika Jain, Senior Dietician, Aakash Super Speciality Hospital, Dwarka)

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