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Navratri 2021: Top 5 Tips To Follow During Navratri Fasting That Can Aid In Weight Loss

Navratri 2021: During the auspicious nine days of navratri fasting, you can follow simple tips that can assist in weight loss.

Navratri 2021: Top 5 Tips To Follow During Navratri Fasting That Can Aid In Weight Loss

Navratri 2021: Add more fibre-rich fruits and vegetables to your diet


  • Eat small, frequent meals to maintain energy levels
  • So not forget to drink water at regular intervals
  • Have nutritious fruits and vegetables

Navratri is an auspicious occasion across the country. The time is marked by fasting and devotion. Fasting helps in the detoxification of the body. The fasting period may differ from person to person. Sometimes, those on fast take only water. Often specific food is prescribed for the fasting period. The food items are often simple yet rich in basic nutrients of the body. Fasting can help in weight loss if it is followed in specific ways. Here are a few tips for Navratri fasting that can help in weight loss, too. This year, the festival begins on October 7.

Navratri fasting: Follow these weight loss-friendly tips while fasting

1. Vegetables

Include vegetables in your fasting diet. Vegetables include a lot of nutrients that can rejuvenate the body throughout the fasting period. They are filling and stop you from indulging more often. Prepare salads or soups with vegetables to reap their benefits.


Navratri 2021: Add more vegetables to your diet while fasting
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2. Small meals

If you are following an intermittent fasting routine during Navratri, try having small meals. Small nutritious meals after frequent intervals can help you lose weight. In this way, you can stay nourished all day even during the fast. And it also helps you lose weight in a sustainable way.

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3. Low-fat food

Avoid full cream milk, cheese, and such foods that are rich in fats. Instead, choose milk substitutes like almond milk or coconut milk. Or you can opt for low-fat cream. This ensures that no unnecessary fat build-up takes place in the body.

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4. Water

Keeping yourself hydrated can help in maintaining the body's health. Water helps in replenishing and detoxifying the body at a cellular level. This also helps in weight loss. Drink warm water to hydrate and cleanse the body in a better way.


Drink enough water throughout the day to prevent dehydration
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5. Exercise

Keeping the body in a static position for a long time can lead to fat deposition in various parts of the body. Hence, in order to lose weight, regular exercise and physical activity are important. Movement can help burn the fat depositions and will further enhance the blood circulation in the body. This can lead to better metabolic activity in the body. This factor helps in weight loss.

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