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Midweek Fitness Motivation: Get Your Abs On Fire With This Intense 5-Minute Workout

Midweek motivation: The fitness trainer shared a series of videos demonstrating simple exercises to do at home.

Midweek Fitness Motivation: Get Your Abs On Fire With This Intense 5-Minute Workout

Fitness motivation: Exercising at home is the best way to stay fit during the ongoing pandemic


  • A strong core aids in the performance of other exercises as well
  • A strong core promotes healthy posture and balance
  • Try this quick ab workout at home for a strong core

The journey to getting abs and a toned physique is an uphill battle. Every fitness enthusiast knows the herculean effort required to shed those extra kilos and gain muscle. However, making the strenuous journey easier for all is fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala, who shared a series of videos on Instagram demonstrating simple exercises to get toned abs. These exercises can be done at home and require only a set of dumbbells. Yasmin captioned the video, "Wanna know my secret for a magic 5-minute abs workout? No gym? No time? No problem. This month, I'm sharing with you my secret workout that is fast but will get your abs on fire."

Midweek Fitness Motivation: Try this quick ab workout

Yasmin suggests doing each exercise for a minute and repeating them if you have more time on your hands. She said, "Do each exercise for a full minute, and voila you'll feel a burn in your abs in one round. If you want more and have time, repeat it for 2 or 3 rounds."

Yasmin also demonstrated low-intensity modified versions of the same exercises for those who are just beginning their fitness journey.

The exercises demonstrated in the video are as follows:

  • Windmill
  • Straight Leg Toe Touches + Leg Lowers
  • Bear Hold, Shoulder Tap + Knee Tap
  • Seated Alt Leg Lift to Reverse Plank
  • Side Plank Hip Dips

In case you were looking for more spot training workout routines to add to your fitness regime, Yasmin had previously shared some high-intensity leg exercises. She demonstrated a quick 5-minute exercise routine along with a modified version of each exercise, specifically to tone the legs and leg muscles. To watch the video, and read more about Yasmin Karachiwala's intense leg workout routine, click here.

Add these power-packed workout moves by Yasmin Karachiwala to your regular routine to burn those extra calories, and get a fit and toned physique.

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