Liver Health: Early Signs And Symptoms Of Liver Diseases You Must Not Ignore

Liver performs multiple essential functions inside the human body. If left untreated, poor liver condition can even lead to loss of liver functions. A better understanding of signs and symptoms of liver can help you control the progression of the condition on time.

Liver Health: Early Signs And Symptoms Of Liver Diseases You Must Not Ignore

Liver diseases: Over consumption of pain killers can harm your liver health


  • Liver is responsible for the production of bile juice
  • Liver helps in almost 500 processes in the human body
  • Too much consumption of alcohol can harm liver health

Liver is an essential part of the human body. It is responsible for some major functions. It is the largest gland of the human body which ensures healthy functioning. The first function of liver is that it is responsible for the production of bile juice. Bile juice helps the small intestine break down and absorb fats, some vitamins and cholesterol. Bile is also responsible for other vital functions. Liver also stores essential minerals and vitamins. It also breaks protein for digestion. Just like these, there are many other essential functions of liver. Therefore it is essential to keep the liver healthy.

Habits that can damage your liver

Some daily habits can be harmful to your liver health. You need to avoid such habits which can damage the liver. Here are some of these include-

  1. Consumption of too much alcohol
  2. Not drinking adequate amount of water
  3. Smoking can also negatively affect your liver health
  4. Consumption of too much sugar
  5. Being overweight
  6. Lack of physical exercise
  7. Being stressed all the time
  8. Over consumption of pain killers
  9. Too much consumption of carbonated drinks

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Liver Health: Too much sugar consumption can harm your liver
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Signs and symptoms of liver diseases

These habits can contribute to liver diseases. If ignored poor liver health can lead to liver damage. There are multiple severe diseases associated with liver. Early detection can help in preventing the complete loss of liver function. Here are the signs and symptoms of liver diseases which can help prevent the progression of liver diseases.

1. Yellow coloured skin and yellow colour visible in the eyes. It is due to elevated bilirubin concentrations in the bloodstream because the liver gets rid of bilirubin.

2. Pain in the abdominal and you can also notice swelling on the abdominal.

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3. Another symptom of liver disease is extreme fatigue. One can feel fatigued because of several reasons, therefore, this symptom can go unnoticed easily. You may feel tired all the time and inability to perform day to day tasks. A continuous feeling of weakness is also present in liver patients.

4. A change in colour of the urine also occurs due to poor liver health. The urine will turn dark in colour.

5. Frequent vomiting is also noticed in liver patients. You may also experience a continuous feeling of nausea.

6. You will also experience loss of appetite which will lead to weakness and nutritional deficiency.

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