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World Liver Day 2019: Here's Why Liver Disease Happens; Know The Tips For Prevention

World Liver Day 2019: Alcohol consumption, smoking and regular consumption of junk foods are some of the top causes of liver disease. Read here to know tips on how to maintain liver health.

World Liver Day 2019: Here's Why Liver Disease Happens; Know The Tips For Prevention

World Liver Day: Liver disease can be caused by an abnormal gene inherited by parents


  • Regular alcohol consumption can cause liver damage
  • Maintain a healthy weight for a healthy liver
  • Liver is the most important organ of digestive system

World Liver Day 2019 is observed on April 19. Liver is one of the most important organs in the digestive system. Digesting food and flushing out harmful toxins from the body are two of the essential functions of liver. Alcohol consumption, smoking and regular consumption of junk foods are some of the top causes of liver disease. In some, liver disease can also be inherited. Obesity is also a risk factor of liver disease. Constant damage to the liver can result in liver cirrhosis, a life-threatening condition that causes liver failure.

World liver day: causes of liver disease and tips for prevention

Some of the common symptoms of liver disease include itchy skin, dark urine colour, loss of appetite, nausea or vomiting, chronic fatigue, swelling in legs or ankles, pain or swelling the abdomen and yellowish skin and eyes.

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Causes of liver disease

Inflammation in the liver affects liver function. Inflammation can be caused because of parasites and viruses that infect the liver. These viruses spread through contaminated food or water, blood or semen or coming in close contact with a person who his infected. Hepatitis A, B and C are viruses that commonly cause liver.

Liver disease are caused by abnormalities with the immune system. Liver disease can also be caused because of an abnormal gene that is inherited from one or both of your parents. This gene results in build up of various substances in your liver, resulting in liver damage. Other top causes of liver disease include binge drinking or chronic alcohol abuse, accumulation of fat in the liver because of an unhealthy lifestyle.


World liver day: Consuming healthy foods is important for maintaining liver health
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People who are at high risk of liver disease include those who are obese and diabetic. Having unprotected sex, exposure to other people's blood or body fluids and exposure to toxic chemicals also increase risks of liver disease.

Liver disease: tips for prevention

1. Maintain a healthy weight: This can help in preventing development of fatty liver and can help in maintaining liver health. Make sure you eat healthy foods, sleep well, take less stress and exercise regularly.

2. Get vaccinated: Getting hepatitis A and B vaccines is important for preventing liver disease. On World Liver Day, get your vaccines if you haven't till now.

3. Avoid alcohol: The largest contributor to fatty liver disease is regular alcohol consumption. Binge drinking can take a serious toll on liver health. Reduce alcohol consumption to a bare minimum and try avoiding it as much as possible if you want a healthy liver.

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4. Use medicines wisely: At times, taking over-the-counter medicines and consuming them in random dosage (not prescribed by the doctor) can also cause liver damage. Combining non-prescribed medicines with the prescribed ones can also be harmful for your liver. Try and take medicines only when prescribed by the doctor.

5. Stay in clean environments: As mentioned above, exposure to harmful toxins can be harmful for your liver. Ensure proper ventilation in your room, wear a mask when spraying insecticides, paint or fungicides.

This World Liver Day, let's pledge to take holistic care of liver and also spread awareness about causes of liver disease and tips for prevention.

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