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Is Your Weight Stuck? Here Are Expert Solutions To Some Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight Loss Tips: Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal posted a video on social media listing out some common weight loss mistakes along with solutions.

Is Your Weight Stuck? Here Are Expert Solutions To Some Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight loss tips: Avoiding drinking sodas and liquid calories when trying to lose weight


  • Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly for sustainable weight loss
  • Eat carbs along with proteins, vegetables, or good fats
  • Do not drink calories and add whole foods to your diet

It is no secret that losing weight is a herculean task that can be accomplished through strong willpower and discipline. Working out regularly and eating a balanced diet are important to lose weight in a sustainable manner. Often in our attempt to shed some pounds, we end up making some common mistakes that are important to avoid to ensure a smooth and healthy weight transition. Nutritionist Nmami Agarwal has listed three common mistakes made by people along with simple solutions to avoid making them. Nmami shared an Instagram Reel on her timeline along with the caption wherein she wrote, "Weight loss mistakes we all make."

Weight loss tips: Common mistakes everyone makes when trying to lose weight

In the video, Nmami listed the following mistakes along with ways to counter them:

1) Mistake: Eating in a too big calorie deficit. (Calorie deficit is when you burn more calories in comparison to the number of calories you consume in a day)

Solution: Eating in a 300-350 calorie deficit range works.

2) Mistake: Eating carbs alone

Solution: Eat carbs along with proteins, vegetables, or good fats.

3) Mistake: Drinking your calories

Solution: Instead of drinking calories, chew your food. It helps you feel full.

Losing weight is an arduous journey, which is why Nmami has suggested some easy and doable tips for beginners to help you get in shape faster. Diet is an important component of weight loss, the simplest way to start your journey is by making conscious food choices. Along with eating nutrition-rich food, it is important to cut back on your alcohol intake. Alcohol is loaded with calories that make losing weight difficult. Nmami suggested a clever hack to help curtail your alcohol consumption. Read all about it here.

Also, the monsoon season is a tempting food trap for those trying to shed their weight. How? The rainy season makes us crave hot fried food which isn't healthy or nutritious. Nmami lists out five nutrition mistakes we tend to make during the monsoon season that can come in the way of our journey to fitness.

Keep these tips in mind as you begin your weight loss journey to ensure it is healthy.

(Nmami Agarwal is a Delhi-based nutritionist)

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