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Is High Blood Pressure The Reason Behind Your Headache? Expert Decodes The Link

Hypertension: Did you know high blood pressure can contribute to frequent headaches? Read here to know the link from expert.

Is High Blood Pressure The Reason Behind Your Headache? Expert Decodes The Link

Hypertension: Foods high in potassium can help in controlling high blood pressure


  • Hypertension is more harmful to your body than you think
  • Controlling your sodium intake can help bring down blood pressure
  • A DASH diet also play a significant role in fighting hypertension

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a condition that needs immediate attention to control severe complications linked with it. Several modifiable and non-modifiable factors can contribute to high blood pressure. Not many are not aware of the outcomes of uncontrolled blood pressure. According to studies, when left uncontrolled, hypertension increases your risk of heart disease. You might be surprised to that there is a link between headaches and blood pressure too. Headache is a common problem that almost everyone experience at least once. One of the reasons behind frequent headaches can be high blood pressure. Keep reading to know the link between these two as our expert explains.

Hypertension: What is the link with headaches?

Dr. Gaurangi Shah explain, "Hypertension is a serious health condition that accounts to a huge number of heart attacks, paralysis and is also the second leading cause of kidney failure, after diabetes. It is also known as a silent killer as high blood pressure doesn't show any symptoms. In most cases after severe complications, hypertension is detected."


Hypertension is also known as a silent killer as it does not show any symptoms
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"Headache is one of the symptoms of hypertension but is not always. The reason for headache amongst individuals with high blood pressure is a sudden rise in pressure inside the cranium. The headaches due to high blood pressure occur in the occipital region. This pain does not get relived with an analgesic or painkiller. One will need to reduce their blood pressure for the same."

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How to control high blood pressure?

Making some simple changes can help you keep your blood pressure numbers under control. Here are some effective ways you must try-

1. Try a DASH diet

A DASH diet is a dietary approach that can help in controlling high blood pressure. It mainly focuses on consuming foods loaded with fibre and potassium. It also restricts sodium intake which results in low blood pressure numbers.

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2. Maintain a healthy body weight

Those at an unhealthy body weight experience increased risk of hypertension and other severe health conditions. Shedding extra kilos contributes to not just healthy blood pressure numbers but also keeps several diseases at bay.


Maintaining an ideal body weight helps in achieving healthy blood pressure numbers
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3. Stop smoking and manage stress

Smoking is harmful to your heart health too. If you are unable to quit smoking, seek help from experts. Stress also affects your blood pressure. Try yoga, meditation or exercise to control stress.

4. Reduce caffeine consumption

Studies highlight that consuming too much caffeine can increase your blood pressure for a short period. Caffeine consumption is also linked to other health issues. Switch to other healthy options like a protein shake, smoothies, detox drinks or herbal teas.

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5. Seek help on time

It is essential to keep a constant check on your blood pressure when suffering from hypertension. It will help you avoid major fluctuation and make you control it at the right time. Also, seek help from an expert on time to prevent complications.

(Dr. Gaurangi Shah, Consultant Physician, P.D Hinduja Hospital & MRC)

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