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Hypertension: This Simple Daily Habit Can Reduce Blood Pressure Levels

Hypertension prevention: The simple habit of drinking sufficient water can help in keeping your blood pressure under control. Read here to know other tips to prevent risks associated with high blood pressure.

Hypertension: This Simple Daily Habit Can Reduce Blood Pressure Levels

High blood pressure can increase risk of stroke and heart disease


  • A healthy diet and lifestyle can control high blood pressure
  • Potassium rich foods are beneficial for high blood pressure patients
  • Drinking calcium and magnesium rich water can also be helpful

If you have high blood pressure, or have been recently been diagnosed with one, you are most likely to be suggested to reduce your intake of salt. Hypertension patients are also prescribed certain medications that they are supposed to take on a daily basis. Reducing salt intake, controlling consumption of salty foods or foods with high preservatives and processed foods, regular exercise and a healthy diet are considered to be best remedies for controlling high blood pressure. However, there's another way that can help in controlling hypertension-drinking sufficient water!

Hypertension: How drinking water can help in reducing high blood pressure

According to a study published Journal of American Heart Association, drinking calcium and magnesium rich water can lower blood pressure levels. As part of the study, blood pressure levels in people who drank salinated water and those who drank freshwater were compared. While sodium is known to increase blood pressure levels rapidly, participants of the study who drank salinated water were reported with lower blood pressure. However, researchers believed that this wasn't because of sodium, but because of other minerals in water such as calcium and magnesium.


Drinking water with calcium and magnesium supplements can reduce blood pressure: study
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The study analysis was done by pooling data from two studies following participants from coastal Bangladesh, during both monsoon and dry seasons. These are the times when salinity in water fluctuates.

People who drank mildly salinated water reported average systolic blood pressure levels (top number) to be 1.55 mmHg lesser than those who drank freshwater. Average diastolic blood pressure (lower number) was 1.26 mmHg lower.

Previously, numerous studies have shown how both calcium and magnesium and important for maintaining healthy levels of blood pressure.

Thus, it may be helpful in adding calcium and magnesium supplements to your drinking water for keeping your blood pressure under control. Epsom salt is a form of magnesium, you can add it to your bathing water to get more magnesium. 

Referring to the results of the study, cardiologist Dr Sameer Gupta says, "There is some small data suggests calcium and magnesium may be protective for hypertension. It's interesting, However, this needs to be replicated in clinical settings before it can be incorporated into modern medicine and ready for prime time. I wouldn't encourage people to start adding supplements of calcium or magnesium to their daily water consumption. Having a healthy diet and getting on an exercise program are much better remedies to reduce the risk for hypertension."

Besides, getting a healthy, balanced diet is the best and most effective way to control high blood pressure.


High blood pressure can be managed by consuming a healthy, balanced diet
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Following are the foods you should eat for controlling high blood pressure:

1. Berries

2. Bananas

3. Beetroot

4. Dark chocolate

5. Kiwi

6. Watermelon

7. Oats

8. Avocado

9. Leafy green veggies

10. Watermelon

11. Garlic

12. Fermented foods like yogurt, kombucha, kimchi

13. Lentils and legumes

14. Nuts and seeds

15. Cinnamon

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Foods to avoid for high blood pressure

1. Packaged and processed foods (as they are likely to be filled with preservatives and sodium)

2. Fried food (as they are high in saturated fat that can increase risk of clogged arteries)

3. Caffeine (Caffeine in tea, coffee, soft drinks and aerate drinks can lead to rapid spike in blood sugar levels)

4. Alcohol (binge drinking or regular consumption of alcohol can increase blood pressure)

5. Smoking (smoking even one cigarette increases blood pressure. Smoking causes cancer. Make efforts to quit smoking as soon as possible)

(Dr Sameer Gupta is Interventional Cardiologist at Metro Hospital, Noida and MP Heart Clinic, Greater Kailash)

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