Know The Terrible Side Effects Of High Blood Pressure And Lifestyle Changes To Control It

Hypertension side effects: High blood pressure is a serious condition which should not be ignored. Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho explains the complications of high blood pressure and effective ways to treat it. Read here to know his expert advice on controlling high blood pressure.

Know The Terrible Side Effects Of High Blood Pressure And Lifestyle Changes To Control It

High blood pressure: Simple lifestyle modifications can help you control high blood pressure


  • High blood pressure can trigger the risk of multiple diseases
  • Foods rich in fibre can help in controlling high blood pressure
  • You can try yoga or deep breathing to lower blood pressure numbers

High blood pressure or hypertension is a silent killer today which should not be ignored. There is an immediate need to make lifestyle changes to fight high blood pressure naturally. Most people are very casual about this condition. But high blood pressure alone can trigger the risk of many serious health conditions. Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho also explained the harmful effects of hypertension in one of his recent Facebook lives. "Few cases of high blood pressure are genetic, but in others, high blood pressure is a result of poor lifestyle. I want to develop motivation among people to control the various factors and make necessary changes to control high blood pressure," Luke explained

In the video Luke explained, popping a pill is not a permanent solution to high blood pressure. Pills can lower the blood pressure for some time but will not treat the root cause. Overconsumption of pills can also lead to some other issues. Stroke, heart diseases, connection with dementia, kidney problems, erectile dysfunction in men, blood clots and osteoporosis are some harmful result of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure remedies: Powerful lifestyle changes and simple foods suggested by Luke Coutinho

1. Garlic

Garlic is extremely powerful when it comes to reducing blood pressure. It is a natural blood thinner. It helps in maintaining cholesterol levels, improves immunity, and promotes hair and skin health. Garlic, consumed raw is extremely beneficial. Cooked garlic is also not too bad but it may lose some of its properties. You can chop some garlic, keep it for 5 minutes and swallow it with water directly in morning. If you do not like eating raw garlic in the morning, you can chop some garlic into small pieces and sprinkle it on your food. You should also keep it for some time after chopping to allow it to interact with the oxygen in the environment.


Hypertension: Garlic is loaded with properties which can improve blood pressure
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2. Amla

Alma also called Indian gooseberry is extremely powerful when it comes to high blood pressure. Mixing even half teaspoon of amla powder in water can help you control blood pressure. You can also mix it with a teaspoon of raw unpasteurised honey. Honey is also beneficial for your blood vessels and blood circulation. Have them on an empty stomach, as the first thing in the morning to lower blood pressure numbers. Fresh amla or amla juice is also beneficial.

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3. Green tea

Green tea is also extremely beneficial. Consumption of green tea leaves a positive impact on your blood pressure. Skip your sugary beverages and too many cups of tea and coffee and drink green tea. Having two to three cups of green tea an hour after your meals is excellent for your blood pressure.

4. Watermelon

When it comes to fruits, all fruits and vegetables are great for health but watermelon is one of the best fruits for hypertension. It has high water content which makes it extremely good in the summer season.

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5. Onion

Onion is rich in flavonoids called quercetin which helps in dilating your blood vessels. This means that it can immediately reduce blood pressure. Indians usually prefer having raw onion with meals and it is an important part of their salads. This is a healthy practice as raw onion is extremely beneficial for health and high blood pressure.

6. Vitamin C

Any food which contains vitamin C like lemon is extremely good for high blood pressure. Vitamin C supplements can also be consumed to control blood pressure numbers.


Vitamin C is beneficial for your skin as well as blood pressure
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7. Beetroot

You can eat beetroot or extract its juice. Nitric oxide will reduce your blood pressure instantly. Beetroot also contains fibre, folate, vitamin C, potassium and iron. It improves the blood flow which leads to better blood pressure.

8. Deep breathing

Deep breathing works like magic for high blood pressure. Something as simple as deep breathing can reduce your blood pressure. Luke has tested deep breathing on high blood pressure patients. Two minutes of slow inhaling and exhaling has shown positive results in high blood pressure patients.

Other tips that Luke explained includes regular exercise and adequate sleep.

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Luke also mentioned in his video that you can try these little things for 10-15 days and you will see a reduction in your blood pressure. These methods are not a replacement of medical treatment and medicines but if you are already on pills you can try these steps along with the medication recommended.

(Luke Coutinho, Holistic Lifestyle Coach - Integrative Medicine)

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