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Hypertension Diet: Can Beetroot Help Control High Blood Pressure? Expert Explains How It Works

Hypertension diet: A healthy diet can help beat the health hazards linked with high blood pressure. Managing hypertension involves both diet and lifestyle changes. In this article you will know about an amazing root vegetable that you must not miss.

Hypertension Diet: Can Beetroot Help Control High Blood Pressure? Expert Explains How It Works

Hypertension diet: Foods loaded with potassium can help control high blood pressure


  • High blood pressure can increase the risk of heart disease
  • A healthy diet may help regulate blood pressure
  • Foods rich in potassium are good for blood pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) remains one of the most serious complications and a gateway to a number of diseases, sometimes also known as silent invader leading to fatal ailments like stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even heart failure. High blood pressure is also known to gradually deplete the effective functioning of the kidneys leading to chronic kidney disease and renal failure. While a healthy lifestyle is required to reduce the chances of developing the risk or onset of hypertension, a healthy and nutritious diet also plays a major role in controlling it.

Hypertension diet: Know how potassium-rich beetroot is helpful

It is usually advised to limit salt intake for healthy blood pressure numbers. On the other hand, fibre and potassium are advised to a part of your diet. Several foods are naturally loaded with potassium. These can also help regulate blood pressure naturally.

Dr. Charu Dua who is a head nutritionist at Max hospital explains, "As potassium helps in lowering the effects of sodium, foods rich in potassium are very effective in the management of high blood pressure. With an increase in the intake of potassium-rich foods, the body loses more sodium in the form of urine, thereby assisting to ease the tension in the blood vessel walls, lowering the blood pressure."

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High blood pressure: Potassium rich foods can help regulate blood pressure
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Banana is a popular source of potassium. But many are not aware of other fruits and vegetables that are loaded with potassium. One such nutritious vegetable loaded with potassium is beetroot. The health benefits of beetroot are well known. One of them is that it can help in controlling blood pressure.

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"Beetroot is one of the major and natural sources of potassium that suffice to around 11% of the daily nutrient requirement. Every 100 grams of beetroot contains around 325 mg of potassium, which helps in improving the blood vessel functions along with reducing the risk of cardiac ailments," adds Dr. Dua.


Hypertension: Beetroot may help control blood pressure
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Be careful!

Increased levels of potassium through diet are recommended for those having BP of above 120/80, but can be risky for patients with pre-existing kidney problems, Dr. Dua suggests. It is save to consult an expert to know the exact amount of potassium to be added to your diet.

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(Dr. Charu Dua, HOD-Dietician and Nutrition Max Super specialty Hospital, Patparganj)

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