International Yoga Day: Health Benefits of Surya Namaskar And Why You Should Do It Daily

International Yoga Day: Surya Namaskar is an extremely popular and graceful yoga sequence. Its a must add to your schedule because of its weight loss and other health benefits. Read here to know everything about them.

International Yoga Day: Health Benefits of Surya Namaskar And Why You Should Do It Daily

Surya namaskar is excellent for your spine health as it builds back muscles


  • These asanas will help you keep your hormones in check
  • Blood sugar, blood pressure and heart rate can be regulated
  • Its great for weight loss, particularly losing belly fat

International Yoga Day, to be observed on June 21, is simply incomplete without the mention of surya namaskar. This sequence of 12 asanas in the modern adaptation of yoga, is a full body workout. It is seen to create an extremely positive impact on your mind and body and most importantly refresh your senses. In addition to performing it for the various health benefits, the surya namaskar is considered to be your ode to the sun, for all it provides the world with, and a request to keep up the good work, essentially. The ideal time to practice is early in the morning, on an empty stomach, when the sun is visible.

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International Yoga Day: Surya namaskar has got countless benefits, here are some of them

1. Stronger back: Your back is probably the most important structure in your body. Excellent spinal care can have long term connotations and help you live a healthier life with limited health concerns. The various twists and turns of a surya namaskar routine, can work out your back just enough everyday, to keep it in a healthy, functioning state.

2. Radiant skin: This surprising benefit of practising surya namaskar is certainly an extremely appealing one. The supply of oxygen and blood in the body is bolstered to the skin and other parts of the body. This helps keep your skin supple and fresh for years to come.

3. Hormonal balance: You can keep a check on your hormone levels and their balance. The asanas are seen to have positive impacts on your thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands. As a result, your metabolism becomes better, your mood swings are controlled and periods are less painful.

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4. Weight loss: In addition to metabolic adjustments, surya namaskar has a profound impact on your abdomen and helps you loose belly fat. This will tone your abs and help build the muscles in your abdomen and surrounding areas.

5. Menstrual cycle regulation: If you practise this combination regularly, the menstrual cycle which may be disturbed and the hormones which may have been imbalanced, can be adequately corrected. The abdominal strength will also ease child bearing and delivery in the future.


International Yoga Day: Surya namaskar can help regularise menstrual cycle in women
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6. Clears wind pathways: You can now breathe with ease. The breathing aspect of surya namaskar helps clear your blocked wind pathways, so that your body can fill itself up with oxygen to its desire. Your sinuses would have never felt better and your body as a result would be much more relaxed.

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7. Joint workout: Your joints, are bound to get stiff and brittle with a lack of movement. Surya namaskar is capable of really getting your joints moving, and building the muscles around them. This keeps them healthily functioning for a long time and stretches the ligaments just enough to keep them in top condition as well.

8. Betters sleeping pattern: The sun salutation can help you get your sleeping habits in order, specially if you suffer from insomnia or are just in the habit of sleeping at odd hours. This happens for two reasons. One, the asanas can tire you out by the end of the day, putting you to bed at a good enough time. Two, they keep your mind at ease, so that you aren't running too many thoughts in your head, as you sleep.

9. Cardiovascular health: Surya namaskar is supposed to work wonders for your blood pressure and cardiovascular systems. It is capable of correcting your heartbeat by working the heart muscles and simultaneously, it keeps your blood sugar under control, ensuring that your heart and blood is beating and flowing at the desired rate.

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