Monsoon Hair Care: Prepare This Oil At Home To Fight Itchy Scalp, Frizzy Hair And Much More

Hair care: The rainy season is prone to cause dryness and itchy scalp. Try this simple all-natural home remedy.

Monsoon Hair Care: Prepare This Oil At Home To Fight Itchy Scalp, Frizzy Hair And Much More

Hair care: A champi can help you fight several hair issues at once


  • Oiling provides strength to your hair
  • Add natural ingredients to your oil for healthy hair
  • You can prepare this oil at home to fight monsoon hair issues

Taking care of our health is very important and we take several steps to ensure our bodies are fit and healthy. From exercising to choosing to eat clean and nutritious food, we put in a lot of effort to maintain a healthy body. But along with taking care of our body we also need to focus on maintaining our skin and hair. The monsoon season is known to cause all sorts of hair-related maladies from dandruff to hair fall and itchy scalp issues. While there are several shampoos and conditioners that claim to resolve these hair problems, none can come close to an all-natural solution.

Monsoon Hair Care: Prepare this oil at home

Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared a DIY solution to monsoon hair problems on Instagram. All that you need for this home remedy are khus roots, goonja seeds (rosary pea) and tulsi with its seeds. Rujuta captioned the post, “Frizzy hair? Split ends? Dry scalp? A simple DIY for hair health.”

She added, “Come rains, most of us will have one or worse, all of the conditions. Shampoo companies even make special ads to lure us into buying their products. But chill, Mother Nature has already sorted this stuff out for us.”

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Rujuta also shared the method of making the oil mix to use on your damaged hair. Here it is:

1. Take a glass bottle with a broad bottom.

2. Put 2-3 wala roots, 1-2 tulsi stocks, 1-2 goonja seeds, and put them in the bottle.

3. Pour coconut or mustard oil into the bottle and leave it to soak in the herbs for 48 hrs before applying.

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The rainy weather calls for a much-needed oil massage for your scalp to nourish hair roots and ensure your hair is rid of any dryness and itchiness. An all-natural solution is a perfect way to ensure healthy hair.

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