This Article is From May 19, 2021

Stress And Hair Fall: Nutritionist Shares Diet Tips To Deal With Telogen Effluvium

Hair care tips: Hair fall is a common problem reported these days. Stress can be a major contributor to hair fall. Here are three nutrition tips that might help.

Stress And Hair Fall: Nutritionist Shares Diet Tips To Deal With Telogen Effluvium

Hair care: A healthy diet can provide nutrients tot your hair, controlling hair fall


  • Stress can lead to temporary hair loss
  • Right nutrition can help prevent hair fall at home
  • Add protein and vitamin E to your diet for healthy hair grwoth

Hair fall is a common condition these days. It can affect both men and women. Hair thinning can be worrisome. There can be many possible reasons behind hair fall. Touching upon this issue, nutritionist Nmami Agarwal said in a recent Instagram video that it can be a condition called telogen effluvium, a form of temporary hair loss. She reveals, stress as the main culprit for this condition during ongoing pandemic. She further adds that many are experiencing hair fall post-covid due to the same reason. “Good news is this condition is reversible,” says Agarwal. Read on to find out how.

Hair Fall: Here's what you should do

In the clip, Agarwal pointed out that stress was the major reason behind this condition. “Make sure your protein intake is optimum,” she said and added that iron and Vitamin D intake, too, should be up to the mark. These apart, the nutritionist also told her followers to steer away from stress as much as possible.

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In an earlier post, Nmami had suggested a few important nutrients to prevent hair loss. In the Instagram Reels, she says, “Apart from focusing on protein and Vitamin E, you also need to focus on Vitamin A and iron. Vitamin A is needed for cell growth, including hair, which is the fastest-growing tissue in the body.”

She recommended Vitamin A-rich food like carrot, sweet potato, spinach, pepper, mango, and tomato. The nutritionist added that dates, beetroot, pomegranate, leafy green vegetables, legumes, pumpkin seeds, and fish were good sources of iron.

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You can also add other superfoods to your dietary chart, which are essential for healthy hair. Walnuts, lentils, barley, guava, eggs, and dairy products are some of the easily available ingredients that are helpful in boosting hair growth. So, strengthen your hair internally by adding these food items to your list.

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