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Gluten-Free Diet: These Simple And Nutritious Snacks Can Help You Beat Hunger Pangs

Gluten-free diet: Several health conditions can make you gluten intolerant. When snacking gluten-free, you can choose some healthy options. Here are some gluten-free snacks you must try.

Gluten-Free Diet: These Simple And Nutritious Snacks Can Help You Beat Hunger Pangs

Gluten-free diet: All fruits and vegetables are naturally gluten free


  • Gluten intolerance requires several changes in diet
  • Several foods in their natural form are gluten-free
  • You can consume fresh curd to fight hunger

Gluten is a protein commonly found in wheat and other grains. A gluten-free diet eliminates the consumption of gluten and its products. Some experience side effects after consuming gluten. Celiac disease, wheat allergy, gluten ataxia and non-celiac sensitivity are some of the conditions in which gluten should be excluded from the diet. Many struggle while choosing gluten-free snacks to beat hunger pangs between the meals. There are several gluten-free snacks available but many are loaded with unwanted calories. If you are looking for some gluten-free healthy snacks, here are some of the best options to choose from.

Gluten-free diet: Healthy snacks you must try

1. Fruits

Fruits are loaded with essential nutrients and are weight-loss friendly. It is advised for everyone to consume seasonal fruits. These are loaded with nutrients that can help you stay fit. All fruits are naturally gluten-free. You can eat a bowl of fresh seasonal fruits.


Fresh fruits are loaded with essential nutrients
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2. Mix trail

Nuts are also gluten-free in their natural form. Dried fruits and some seeds as well. You can create a trail mix with some gluten-free nuts, seeds and dried fruits. A handful of this mixture can make you feel full and reduce the consumption of unhealthy calories.

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3. Veggie stick with sauce

All fruit and vegetables are free from gluten. You can choose crunchy veggies and prepare a tasty dip. This combination can help in weight management. It is a nutritious option for those looking for healthy gluten-free snacks.

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4. Yogurt

Most yogurts are gluten-free. You can read the labels or prepare fresh yogurt at home. For healthy weight management, choose yogurts without added sugar and flavour. You can add freshly chopped fruits on the top of your yogurt.


Plain yogurt with fresh fruits is a healthy snack to choose
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5. Popcorn

Corn is a gluten-free grain. It is a safe snack for people with gluten-intolerance. But make sure that the popcorn is not loaded with flavours. You can add some salt, butter and other gluten-free seasonings to your popcorn.

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