Get Summer Ready With This High Intensity Calorie Burning Step Workout By Kayla Itsines

Aspiring for a perfectly toned summer body? Try this advanced step workout which can help you shed lots of calories.

Get Summer Ready With This High Intensity Calorie Burning Step Workout By Kayla Itsines

The advanced step workout can be intensified by increasing the number of reps


  • Step workouts can help in burning more calories in less time
  • Kayla Itsines' advanced step workout can be done at home as well
  • You can modify the exercises as per your comfort and stamina

Summers are soon approaching and we bet many of you are dreading it as you are not ready with your summer body yet! Well, you need not worry as we are here with one intense workout regime which can help shed some extra calories before summer arrives. Celebrity fitness trainer Kayla Itsines, who is a regular at sharing different kinds of workouts on social media, has also shared a video of an advanced step workout. Depending on the intensity of your workout and your body weight, a step workout can help you burn anywhere between 200 to 400 calories in a period of half an hour.

In her video, Kayla Itsines shares 7 exercises as part of the advanced step workout. Interestingly, she mentions that the only thing advanced about this workout are the reps. To intensify the workout, you can simply increase the number of reps and gain more benefits for weight loss.

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Following are the exercises included in high intensity calorie burning advanced step workout by Kayla Itsines

1. Step tap: 15 reps

2. Drop push-up: 15 reps

3. Reverse lunge and knee-up: 15 reps

4. Split squat: 15 reps

5. Incline mountain climber: 20 reps

6. Step jump: 15 reps

7. Raised lag sit-up and twist: 20 reps

8. Raised leg sit-up: 15 reps


In the caption of her post, Kayla gives a few variations for these exercises. For beginners or those with lesser stamina, it may be a little challenging to do split squats. You can modify the exercise by stepping down on either side of the step, squat and then step back into the step.

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The drop push-up can also be modified by stepping your feet back, doing the push up and then stepping back in. You can avoid doing the jump back if you feel more comfortable doing that.

Your summer body is just a step away. All you need is a little motivation and determination. Combine your intense calorie burning workouts with low-calorie diet for losing weight at a faster pace. Just make sure that you don't lose on your health.

Ensure nutrient intake by eating a balanced diet and try intermittent fasting. Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho suggests intermittent fasting as one of the healthiest eating patterns which can ensure both weight loss and good health at the same time!

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