Feeling Bloated After All The Festive Binging? Nmami Agarwal Tells You How To Keep It At Bay

Nmami Agarwal, celeb nutritionist, shares tips to help get rid of all the post festive bloating.

Feeling Bloated After All The Festive Binging? Nmami Agarwal Tells You How To Keep It At Bay

Ways to get rid of the post festive bloating

What's Diwali without some indulgence? Lip-smacking food goes hand in hand with the festive season. With all the revelry, your diet, sleep cycle and, basically, your entire routine goes for a toss since you are consistently caught up with something or the other. It goes without saying that you end up eating a lot of irresistible food and even stop counting the calories. But often, binge-eating is followed by bloating. If you are feeling heavy and uneasy, head over to nutritionist Nmami Agarwal's Instagram page where she has offered some effective tips to fight bloating.

Nmami shared these suggestions for you to add to your diet and routine:

1) Ginger and cinnamon water

2)Fennel seed water (It's great for digestion)

3) Plain water

4) Lots of fresh fruits

5) Curd

6) Catch up on your sleep

Nmami says it is important that you rejuvenate your body physically and mentally. And all these tips will help you achieve that.

In the run-up to Diwali, Nmami had shared six smart eating and drinking tips. She advised against drinking anything on an empty stomach. While opting for alcohol, add some juice to it. In her second tip, she says one must stay physically active and eat guilt-free during the festivities. If festive meals lead to acidity, bloating, or constipation, include digestive teas to your diet post meals. Do not skip meals, Nmami warned. She also said that one must enjoy traditional delicacies on Diwali and prepare them at home with healthy ingredients. She also advised starting the day with a power-packed breakfast.

Some time ago, Nmami Agarwal had shared some tips to address the issue of bloating among women. According to her, it happens due to excess gas production or disturbance in the movement of muscles in the digestive system. The easiest way to keep bloating at bay is to avoid overeating. In fact, one of the best ways to avoid overeating is to divide your meals. Eating in long gaps leads to overeating. She suggested chewing food properly so that it gets digested easily. Include prebiotics in your diet like yogurt. Constipation may lead to bloating, she added. Eating fibre-rich food items and drinking plenty of water is advisable. Read more about it here.

It is natural to go a little off track during festive occasions, but with these easy tips by Nmami Agarwal, you can keep bloating at bay.

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