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Exercise At Home: Follow These Workout Tips To Maximise Results

Exercise at home: You can stick to your fitness routine will regular exercise. Simple exercises can be done at home. Here are some tips to get effective results from your workout. Also, eat a healthy diet for effective weight loss.

Exercise At Home: Follow These Workout Tips To Maximise Results

Try simple exercises at home to stay fit during the lockdown


  • Exercise regularly at home in the morning
  • Choose workout according to your body
  • Eat healthy to achieve your weight loss goals

Are you worried about your fitness goals during the lockdown? Regular exercise at home with a healthy diet can help you stay fit. You can perform a variety of exercises at home without any equipment. You can watch workout videos at home for effective results. With regular exercise you should also consume a healthy diet, it will help you lose weight. While exercising at home you may make some mistakes which may affect the results of your exercise. Here are some tips for all the fitness enthusiasts out there to maximise the result of their workout at home.

Dr. Satnam Singh Chhabra advises, "Before working out it is important to know the capability of your body condition. Mild activities like walking, aerobic exercises can be done by all, people with pre-existing back condition need to be precautious. Proper warm up is very important before doing any cardio workouts; lifting heavy weight should be avoided."

Home workout tips you need to know

1. Keep all the distractions away while working out. You are more likely to get distracted at home. Find a place for workout where you can exercise without any disturbance. Terrace is a good choice to workout. Also, do not forget to mute notifications of your mobile phone.


While exercising at home keep all distractions away
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2. Do not forget to warm up and cool down. As Dr. Singh suggests, it is essential to warm before starting the cardio. You should also end your workout with simple stretches to cool down.

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3. Workout in the morning if possible. It is advised to workout early morning for the best results. Morning exercise will keep you energetic throughout the day. If it is not possible for you to workout in the morning, exercise in the evening but do not skip it.


Eat a healthy diet with regular exercise for effective results
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4. Keep a track of your schedule to understand the progress you make each day. Make necessary changes in your workout routine day by day. It will help you work harder each day and give effective results.

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(Dr. Satnam Singh Chhabra, Director, Neurosurgery, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi)

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