This Article is From May 14, 2020

Simple Stretches For Neck Pain: Try These Today For Quick Relief

Suffering from neck pain? Neck pain is a common issue faced by many these days. Exercise is an effective way to relieve neck pain. Here are some simple stretches you can try at home.

Simple Stretches For Neck Pain: Try These Today For Quick Relief

Stretches for Neck and Shoulder Pain: These stretches can help reduce stress


  • Poor posture can result in neck pain
  • Simple stretches can help relieve neck and back pain
  • Sitting for too long can result in neck pain

Spending maximum hours of on mobile phones or laptops can result in neck pain. Poor posture can contribute to back pain as well as neck pain. While working from home you might be experiencing neck pain too often. It can affect your day to day functioning. One of the most effective ways to reduce neck pain is exercise. You can try simple stretches at home to control neck pain. Exercises for neck do not require any special equipment. You can perform these easily in just a few minutes. Keep reading to know some simple exercises you can try to reduce neck pain.

Exercises to reduce neck pain

1. Side to side rotation

This is a simple exercise which you can try very anytime. To perform this, sit in a comfortable position, either on the floor or chair. First, tilt your head to the right and now slowly move it towards the left making a semicircle. Once you reach to the left hold for a few seconds and repeat. Do this 5-7 times for effective results.

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2. Shoulder roll

Shoulder roll is also helpful in relieving neck pain. Stand straight and keep your arms down. Roll your shoulder in a circular motion both clockwise and anti-clockwise. Repeat this sequence 4-5 times. It will relieve neck pain as well as help you tame shoulder pain which usually happens with neck pain.


Shoulder role can help fight neck as well as shoulder pain
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3. Ear to shoulder and chin to chest/sky

These two stretches are extremely simple and effective in controlling neck pain. Start with ear to shoulder. All you need to do is try to touch your right ear to the right shoulder without lifting your shoulder. Repeat the same with the left ear. Do this five times with each ear. To perform the other stretch you need to touch your chin to chest and then slowly move it towards the sky. Repeat this 5 times.

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You can perform these simple exercises to get rid of neck pain. Also, try to sit straight while working as poor posture is one of the major factors contributing to neck as well as back pain.

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