Coronavirus Outbreak Taking A Toll On Your Mental Health? Follow These Do's And Don'ts Recommended By Our Expert

Coronavirus outbreak: Take necessary precautions. Practise personal hygiene and social isolation. Utilise this time to do all the things you never found the time to do earlier. Here are some more tips to maintain your mental health by Psychiatrist Dr Sanjay Chugh.

Coronavirus Outbreak Taking A Toll On Your Mental Health? Follow These Do's And Don'ts Recommended By Our Expert

Coronavirus: Self isolation, social distancing can take a toll on your health in these distressing times


  • Educate yourself about the disease, get your facts right
  • Keep your mind calm by doing yoga and meditation
  • Spend time with your family and reconnect with your near and dear ones

The outbreak of coronavirus, the shutdown, work from home and self-isolation is very much capable of filling one with anxiety and stress. With restaurants, educational institutions, cinema halls and now even malls shut down, the situation is keeping us from using social events as a distraction, and this can leave a negative impact on our mental health. Panicking is probably the worst thing for our mental health right now. We speak to psychologist Dr Sanjay Chugh about tips to take care of your mental health amidst the outbreak of COVID-19.

Coronavirus outbreak: Tips to take care of your mental health

According to Dr Chugh, following are the do's for mental health you must follow:

1. Educate yourself about the disease: Read authentic information coming from sources such as the WHO. WhatsApp is not even an option of last resort.

2. Take necessary precautions. Practise personal hygiene and social isolation.

3. Keep faith: Pray if it helps in giving you the mental strength to calm your nerves.

4. Pick up a book or a hobby to pursue as you stay indoors. It can keep you relaxed.

5. Spend time with family: Use this as time to connect and recuperate. We have all become emotionally isolated through excessive reliance on gadgets and technology. This is a great chance to bond and bind.

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6. Keep your mind calm: Yoga and meditation or some deep breathing exercises can be done for keeping calm and feeling less stressed.

7. Take time to declutter your physical space: Cleaning up and organising everything helps in making the mind feel fresh.

8. Exercise indoors: Release of endorphins during exercise can help in uplifting your mood in these tough times.

9. Stay in touch with your friends through group video calls as it keeps the spirits alive.


Do not skip exercising, exercise indoors to prevent the outbreak from taking a toll on your mental health
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Mental health tips amidst coronavirus outbreak: Avoid to do the following

1. Do not over consume social media messages and news as a lot of it is fake. It only creates a situation of panic.

2. Don't live in a state of optimistic bias like 'It will not happen to me', 'I am safe.' The crisis is real and it can happen to anyone. Take necessary precautions.

3. Don't spread information that creates fear in the society, unless it comes from a reliable source.

4. Don't exaggerate your anxiety by thinking of the worst case scenarios in your mind.

5. Don't become paranoid or obsessive about handwashing. Moderate yourself.

6. Don't trivialise the seriousness of the situation and live in denial.


Washing hands regularly is important, but do not get paranoid and obsessive about it
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(Dr Sanjay Chugh is Senior Consultant Psychiatrist at Dr. Chugh's Neuropsychiatry Clinic, New Delhi)

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