Are You Overweight? It Could Increase Your Risk Of Cancer; Fight Obesity With These Tips

Weight gain is linked with an increased risk of cancer. If you are overweight you need to fight obesity and practice different ways which can result in weight loss. It can affect both men and women. Here is the relation between obesity and cancer risk. Also, know tips to fight obesity.

Are You Overweight? It Could Increase Your Risk Of Cancer; Fight Obesity With These Tips

Weight Loss: A healthy weight can reduce the risk of multiple diseases

Obesity can put an individual at a higher risk of multiple diseases. Unhealthy weight is the reason behind many deadly diseases. It can increase the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, liver diseases and many other medical issues. Maintaining a healthy weight is extremely necessary to keep the risk of multiple health issues at bay. Not just these diseases, a recent study has highlighted that obesity can increase the risk of many cancers as well. Researchers have found that being overweight before the age of 40 could increase the risk of various cancers in adults.

For the findings, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, the research team wanted to find out how adult overweight (BMI over 25) and obesity (BMI over 30) increase the risk of different types of cancer. The researchers used data collected from 2,20,000 individuals. Data from health examinations, including information on height and weight, were linked to data from national cancer registries.

"Obesity is an established risk factor for several cancers. In this study, we have focused on the degree, timing and duration of overweight and obesity in relation to cancer risk," said study author Tone Bjorge, Professor at University of Bergen in Norway.


Weight gain: You need to choose the elements of your diet wisely to fight obesity
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According to the researchers, 27,881 individuals were diagnosed with cancer during follow-up, of which 9,761 (35 percent) were obesity-related. The study concluded that if you were overweight before age 40, the risk of developing cancer increases by 70 percent for endometrial cancer, 58 percent for male renal-cell cancer, 29 percent for male colon cancer and 15 percent for all obesity-related cancers (both in males and females).

"The risk increased by 64 percent for male participants and 48 percent for females," Bjorge added.

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Weight Loss Tips: Ways to fight obesity

You need to reduce body fat and fight obesity to stay healthy. If you are suffering from obesity you need an action plan to fight obesity and lose weight. Healthy habits should be developed from a young age to avoid the risk of obesity for a lifetime. Here are some ways to tackle obesity effectively. These methods can contribute to weight loss.

1. Avoid the triggers

You need to understand the factors which can contribute to obesity. Some lifestyle habits can unknowingly affect your weight and lead to obesity. To maintain a healthy BMI follow healthy habits from the initial stage itself.

2. Keep a check on your weight

Keep checking your weight with time. Whenever you see a disturbance in your BMI, switch to healthy habits which can help you reduce weight before it becomes worse. Starting early can help you control the condition on time.

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3. Exercise and diet is the key

Regular exercise and a restricted diet is the key to maintain a healthy weight. You need to make exercise as a compulsory part of your daily routine to avoid obesity for a lifetime. Choose healthy calories which do not contribute to obesity.


Weight loss: Restricted diet and regular exercise can help maintaining a healthy weight
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4. Know how to differentiate between foods

You must also know the difference between the foods good for you and which are not. Choose good fats over bad ones and make healthy choices in your daily diet.

5. Eliminate sugar

Sugar is hidden in many foods. Too much consumption of foods high in sugar can increase the risk of obesity. Not just direct sources, you must also eliminate indirect sources like packed fruit juice, cookies and many more.

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  • Obesity can increase the risk of multiple cancers
  • Switch to healthy options to fight obesity
  • Lack of physical exercise is the leading cause of unhealthy weight
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