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Mix Petroleum Jelly With This To Instantly Get Rid Of Pimples: What Dermatologists Recommend

Acne home remedies: In an Instagram post, Dr Kiran Lohia shares a quick and effective tip to get rid of pesky zits. Read here to know what it is.

Mix Petroleum Jelly With This To Instantly Get Rid Of Pimples: What Dermatologists Recommend

Acne home remedis: Wash face with neem water to get rid of acne naturally


  • Apply tea tree oil and aloe vera gel on the pimples
  • Do a patch test first to see if it suits your skin
  • Avoid oily foods to prevent acne

Staying at home and suffering from acne breakouts? We've got you covered! Because of the ongoing lockdown, you may have lagged behind in your routine skincare treatments, cleansings and facials. This may be the reason why you experience acne breakouts more than usual. In an Instagram post, dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia suggests a simple remedy for sudden zit that may appear, you can apply Benzac AC 2.5% mixed with petroleum jelly. Apply it topically on the pimple just once a day.

Do not repeat this as this may cause skin irritation, Dr Lohia warns. "Benzac is an antiseptic so it kills the bacteria. Petroleum jelly acts as a barrier and helps in reducing inflammation through excess moisturisation," she says in the video. This combo has an amazing effect on pesky zits and can help in reducing dryness caused by excessive usage of home remedies for acne.

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Other home remedies for acne that may help

Priya Bhandari, a cosmetologist with Skeyndor India suggests a few home remedies for acne which may show effective results on your skin with fewer side effects.

1. Wash the face thrice daily with neem water (Boil neem leaves in water, let it cool and splash neem water on face. It is anti-bacterial/antiseptic and helps reduce the oiliness on skin).

2. Use cotton pads or ear buds to dab tea tree oil or aloe vera gel on the pimples. It dries up pimples quickly and helps heal the skin.

3. Make a paste with cinnamon and honey and put it on acne-prone area. You can also make turmeric and honey paste put it on the acne-prone area to treat it.

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5. Make a paste with dried orange peels and lemon juice and put it on the affected area as pack. Wash with water and repeat to get good results.

6. Drink loads of water/green tea/buttermilk/cucumber juice to cool the body system and avoid breakouts of acne.


Drink lots of water to prevent sudden acne breakouts
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7. Avoid sugar/cheese/ oily food/nuts to keep the body and skin temperature low.

Try these remedies and let us know in the comments below if they worked for you.

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(Dr Kiran Lohiya is a dermatologist at Isya Aesthetics)

(Priya Bhandari is a Cosmetologist at Skeyndor India.)

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