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4 Skincare Mistakes You Must Stop Making Right Now

Your skin may not be glowing and may not look young, because of these small mistakes you make in your daily skincare routine. Dr Kiran Lohia tells how you can avoid them.

4 Skincare Mistakes You Must Stop Making Right Now

Do not cleanse your skin with a cleanser for more than two times in a day


  • Do not use multiple skincare products at a time
  • Watch out for products with alpha hydroxy acid and retinol
  • Stop using a product if it shows no affect on your skin

When it comes to skincare, you might have all kinds of skincare products but still not have the perfect, young and glowing skin. Reason? Skincare routine mistakes which you didn't know you've been making for quite some time. Addressing some of these skincare mistakes is dermatologist Dr Kiran Lohia on Instagram. It is quite common for people to buy a range of fancy skincare products, which often do more harm than good. Some of these skincare products may end up causing aggression and may worsen your skin quality. Keep reading to know more about these common skincare mistakes.

Dr Kiran Lohia elaborates on common skincare mistakes you might be making in your daily routine

1. Do not use all your skincare products at once. Give a careful look to the ingredients. If you are using multiple products at the same time and a majority of them have retinol or alpha hydroxy acids in them, it may result in skin redness, irritation, burning and sensitivity and sun sensitivity. Make sure you use only one product with retinol or alpha hydroxy acid at a time. 

2. Try one product at a time, even if you are buying multiple products. An array of skincare products will not necessarily end up giving you a fresh and glowing skin. Give your skin the time it needs for improvement, and opt for one skincare product at a time in a week. This will help you see if a product is suiting your skin or not. See if all the products that you are using are benefitting your skin. If after a few weeks of use, a particular products shows no improvement in your skin, stop using it.


Do not use a skincare product if it shows no improvement on your skin
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3. Do not over cleanse your skin. Over cleansing your skin can leave it dry and flaky. According to Dr Kiran, you don't need a cleanser for more than two times in a day. Wash your face with plain water or micellar water if you feel greasy or sweaty.

4. You don't need to overdo your skincare regimen. If you feel greasy in the morning, do not use moisturiser. If you are feeling dry at night, then use the moisturiser. Understand what your skin needs and pay attention to it. Do what it asks for and do not overdo anything for instant results.

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(Dr Kiran Lohiya is a dermatologist at Isya Aesthetics)

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