World Diabetes Day 2017: What Does Ayurveda Say About Controlling Diabetes?

Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes may include ingredients like garlic and turmeric.

World Diabetes Day 2017: What Does Ayurveda Say About Controlling Diabetes?


  1. Diet plays a crucial role in diabetes prevention
  2. Methi dana works wonders for diabetics
  3. Insulin and pancreatic health are primary in diabetes development
Diabetes Mellitus is a condition wherein either the body is unable to produce enough insulin or is not able to use the insulin properly. According to official WHO data, the number of people suffering from diabetes rose from 108 million as recorded in the year 1980 to a whopping 422 million in the year 2014. With a sharp increase in the number of diabetics in the country, Indian is often called the diabetes capital of the world with over to 50 million people suffering from the ailment - 69.2 million to be precise, as reported by the International Diabetes Federation Atlas 2015. WHO's assessment, stood at 63 million in the year 2013. The estimates depict number of diabetes cases to have alarmingly doubled and grown by over 100% in the past 15 years. India had an estimated 31,705,000 diabetics in the millennium year which is estimated to grow by over 100% to 79,441,000 by 2030.

"Diabetes is strongly associated with the western diet, however as cultures switch from their native diets to the foods of commerce; their rate of diabetes increases eventually reaching the proportions seen in the western societies. What's alarming is the fact that the number of diabetes cases is estimated to reach a whopping 100 million by 2030," noted a renowned Health Practitioner, Nutritionist and certified Macrobiotic Health Coach, Shilpa Arora ND.

Diet plays a crucial role in diabetes prevention as well as management. The effectiveness and the significance of natural ingredients cannot be overlooked in treating and managing diabetes. Alternative therapy can go a long way in providing relief and improving the quality of life in diabetes patients. Ayurveda experts suggest a host of simple and inexpensive home remedies that can help tackle the condition better.

While insulin and pancreatic health are the primary factors behind the development of diabetes, Ayurveda describes the condition as an outcome of the imbalance in one of the three elements present in the body. This World Diabetes Day, we try to understand the diabetes through the lens of Ayurveda and learn natural ways to combat it.

Ayurveda expert Dr. Vasant Lad explains diabetes' development as a result of the "diminished functioning of agni (digestive fire) which may trigger high blood sugar levels.

According to Ayurveda, a body is in its healthiest state if and when Vata, Pitta and Kapha are in balance. Any imbalance will lead to health ailments. Diabetes is essentially cause by the imbalance of Pitta in the body. "Pitta promotes fire and when the fire begins to diminish in the body, diabetes begins to take shape. It therefore becomes important to get Pitta back in balance by practicing breathing techniques that promote agni in the body - like Agnisar Kriya and Suryabhedi Pranayam - and by including foods that will maintain blood sugar levels and balance Pitta in the body," noted Yogacharya Anoop, Mediyoga.

Ayurveda diet for diabetes

Needless to say, foods low in glycemic index must be included in the diet. Besides this, one must load up on green leafy vegetables. Omega 3 fatty acids, especially the ones alternatively known as brain fatty acids must be a part of your daily diet; these would include nuts and seeds like flaxseeds, walnuts et cetera. "Make sure that foods are also laxative in nature; therefore soak seeds and nuts before consuming as eating them as is may cause constipation. The idea is to keep your intestinal path clean and clear and avoid falling prey to constipation," shared Yogi Anoop.

Methi dana works wonders for diabetics, from consuming methi dana sprouts to drinking fenugreek water the first thing in morning. Hemp seeds and ingredients like bitter gourd, amla and aloe vera have also been found effective in managing and controlling diabetes.

"Sleep and stress management is very important for diabetics. 9pm to 6am is the time when the body goes into the detox mode, therefore if we sleep during this period it is not only beneficial for diabetics but for everyone," concluded Yogi Anoop.

According to Dr. Om of Kerala Ayurveda, “All ailments in Ayurveda are due to some imbalance in an individual’s doshas. Ayurvedic texts dating back 5000 years have described diabetes in Sanskrit as the ’sweet urine disease’ or Madhumeha. Type 1 is described as an imbalance of the Vata (Air & Wind) dosha. Type 2, is an excess, of the Kapha (Water & Earth) dosha. Eating regimented meals, that contain less fatty foods, thrice daily is very important. Try and avoid dairy products and opt for skimmed milk, and low fat yogurt. Ginger tea helps stimulate digestion which is very beneficial in reducing the excess Kapha in your system.”

Get in touch with a certified Ayurveda expert to learn more about natural ways to fight diabetes. Consult you medical expert before making any changes to your diet.

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