Weight Loss: How Sweet Potato Helps In Losing Weight (With Recipes)

Weight loss: Sweet potato is considered as a healthier alternative of potato. With its melt-in-the-mouth, sugar flesh, and delicious taste, this winter veggie is a healthy way to satisfy your carb-cravings

Weight Loss: How Sweet Potato Helps In Losing Weight (With Recipes)

Sweet Potato For Weight Loss: This versatile veggie can be used into making a variety of delicacies

Who doesn't love potatoes? This versatile veggie can be used into making a variety of delicious dishes. However, they have gained a reputation of being a fattening vegetable and are considered a high-calorie food and have a lot of starch in them. But, that's not true. In fact, sweet potatoes are considered as a healthier alternative of potatoes. With their melt-in-the-mouth, sugar flesh, and delicious taste, sweet potatoes are a healthy way to satisfy your carb-cravings. They are a moderate source of calories and are packed with fibre and other nutrients that not only help you stay healthy, but also boost weight loss. If you are looking at losing weight, you must incorporate these sweet delights in your diet.


Sweet Potatoes For Weight Loss | How Sweet Potatoes Help Lose Weight

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Here are some reasons that make sweet potatoes the perfect food for weight loss:


  • Sweet potatoes have lesser calories than what potatoes have. So having a medium-sized baked or roasted sweet potato for snacks may not hurt your weight loss goals.
  • Sweet potatoes come loaded with fibre, especially when served with the skin on. Dietary fibre tends to absorb water, making you feel fuller, further helping you to stick to a calorie-restricted diet. Regular potatoes are low in fibre content, making them less healthy than their counterparts.
  • Sweet potatoes are known to reduce your appetite. A study published in Journal of Medicinal Food found that sweet potatoes have the ability to shrink fat cells.
  • Sweet potatoes are rich in important nutrients, which can help you stay healthy as you lose weight.
  • They are considered as low-glycaemic foods that do not cause an instant spike in blood sugar levels, further helping maintain weight efficiently. An unstable blood glucose level can cause conditions like obesity and diabetes.
  • The high water content in sweet potatoes makes them great for weight loss. Dehydration slows down your metabolism, further causing weight gain and other health problems. Consuming sweet potato helps rehydrate your cells and boost metabolic activity in the body. This, in turn, will help prevent your body from accumulating fat, balance the natural pH levels and flush out toxins.

How to use sweet potatoes to lose weight (Recipes)

Best way to eat sweet potatoes is to roast, steam, bake or boil it. You can add it in salads, yogurt, or just eat it as a chaat. Here are some healthy sweet potato recipes that you can prepare at home to include in your diet:

Aloo Shakarkand ki Chaat Recipe

Sweet Potato Rice Recipe

Cashew, Pineapple, Sweet Potato and Urrak Soup Recipe

Tandoori Fruit Chaat Recipe

So, enjoy the goodness of sweet potatoes and lose weight in a healthy way. Complement it with a healthy diet and exercises to reach your weight loss goals.



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