Watch: Man Removes Bottle Caps With His Head To Set World Record, Video Is Viral

A video shared by Guinness World Records documents a bizarre feat: removing bottle caps with one's head. Take a look below.

Watch: Man Removes Bottle Caps With His Head To Set World Record, Video Is Viral

A video of a bizarre world record has gone viral (Photo Credit: Instagram/ guinnessworldrecords)

Guinness World Records (GWR) documents a wide range of achievements around the world. Some of its more offbeat records involve performing actions in highly unusual ways. For instance, one of the records currently taking the internet by storm involves removing bottle caps with one's head. In a video shared on social media by the official GWR handle, we can observe the efforts of a Pakistani man to break the record for "Most bottle caps removed with the head in one minute".

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The man, named Muhammad Rashid, is seen skillfully holding up bottles to the edge of a table lined with a piece of wood. He holds the caps at an angle and brings his head to with force to remove them. He is quickly passed bottle after bottle by helpers and repeats his action at a surprising speed. Rashid set the record of 77 bottle caps removed in one minute in February 2023. However, the recent Instagram reel showing his feat has received fresh interest online. Watch it below:

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The video has received 1.7 million views so far. Instagram users had a lot to say about this viral clip. Check out some of the comments below:

"Looks painful."


"I'll be his designated drinker if he needs one."

"Man, that screw placement could really screw up this whole thing!"

"That was an unexpectedly intense way to open Instagram."

"How is that even a thing?"

"Perfect. The bottle opener at my bar just broke. Muhammad, you got the job! Can you start Monday?"

Before this, in 2020, Indian Martial Arts expert Prabhakar Reddy had set the world record for the same feat. At the time, he had managed to remove 68 bottle caps in one minute with his head. 

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