Watch: Man Balances 88 Spoons On His Body, Breaks Own World Record

An Iranian man recently broke his own world record for most spoons balanced on his body. Watch the video of his feat below.

Watch: Man Balances 88 Spoons On His Body, Breaks Own World Record

A man recently balanced spoons on his body to set a world record (Photo: Instagram/ guinnessworldrecords)

The Guinness World Records (GWR) spotlight extraordinary achievements, often featuring peculiar yet fascinating skills. Among these world records, food-related feats never fail to stir excitement in our hearts. We're not just talking about eating or making food. People often set unusual records using food-related household items too. Recently, a man from Iran set a new record by balancing the most number of spoons on his body. Abolfazl Saber Mokhtari from Karaj achieved this feat by balancing a total of 88 spoons on his shirtless body. In doing so, he broke his own record of 85 spoons, which was set in 2022.

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According to Guinness World Records, "Mokhtari believes the secret to his unique ability is being able to transfer energy from his body into the object." In his official statement last year, Mokhtari told GWR, "I can transfer this energy I have in me to them (the objects) as long as I can touch and feel them, I push myself then to focus as much as possible on the objects on my body, and that's how I do it."

GWR recently shared a video of his achievement on social media. Take a look at it below.

In another recent instance of stunning balancing skills, a man from Cyprus set a Guinness World Record by balancing 319 wine glasses on his head. A video capturing the record-breaking attempt showed several round glass trays stacked on top of each other on Aristotelis Valaoritis' head, with each tray holding wine glasses. Carefully walking with this towering stack of glasses, Aristotelis approached a person, who added one more tray to the top of the tower. Balancing the now taller structure, he took a few more steps. Unfortunately, when he returned to the same person, the entire stack of wine glasses fell to the ground. Click here and read the story in detail.

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