Watch: Blueberry Roughly The Size Of A Golf Ball Smashes Guinness World Records

The Guinness World Records has verified this blueberry grown in Australia to be the heaviest ever.

Watch: Blueberry Roughly The Size Of A Golf Ball Smashes Guinness World Records

This is the heaviest blueberry ever recorded. (Photo: Instagram/ guinnessworldrecords)

A blueberry from Australia has secured its place in the Guinness World Records by bagging the title of being the heaviest blueberry ever grown. Weighing 20.4 grams (0.71 oz), the fruit is almost 70 times heavier than a commonly found wild blueberry, according to the Guinness World Records, which verifies this golf ball-sized blueberry to be the heaviest after confirming its size and weight. Take a look at the berry's test in the video shared on the Guinness World Records' Instagram handle:

"Heaviest blueberry 20.40 g (0.71 oz) grown by Brad Hocking, Jessica Scalzo, and Marie-France Courtois. The team grew the blueberry variety Eterna, which produces exceptionally large and firm fruit. The record-breaking blueberry was picked on the morning of November 13th, 2023, at Costa Farm in New South Wales, Australia," read the caption.

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Reactions were quick to appear in the comments section at the record-breaking feat. "I wanna eat it," expressed a foodie. Another wanted to know whether there was a "lightest blubbery". "That record is for nature," wrote a person. A blueberry lover asked, "Is it sour or sweet?"

As per the Guinness World Records website, Brad Hocking was the first to notice that the size of the blueberry was "tracking really well", only a few days ahead of the harvest. The moment he picked it up, Hocking realised that this blueberry had "something really special" about it. He added that "while the fruit is large, there's absolutely no compromise on quality or flavour as would be expected when developing a premium variety blueberry." The record-breaking blueberry took 12 months to grow.

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The previous record for the heaviest blueberry was held by a 16.20-gram berry, cultivated in Western Australia in 2020.