Want To Lose Weight? Start Today: 5 Tips To Lose Quick Kilos This Nippy Weather

The brand new year has brought in with itself a brand new set of resolutions. If shedding some extra pounds is one of your resolutions,then start today

Want To Lose Weight? Start Today: 5 Tips To Lose Quick Kilos This Nippy Weather
2018 is here. The brand new year has brought in with itself a brand new set of resolutions. If shedding some extra pounds is one of your resolutions, let this not be the year to defer the resolve any further. Don't look for a perfect day or time to start. There is no better day to start than today. There is no better time than now. Yes, the chilly weather may not be the best of aides in getting close to your goal. But that definitely doesn't mean you would keep postponing your plan in the hope of that 'perfect day time and weather' to start. Here are some tips that may help you shed some quick kilos this winter. 

1. Exercise and Timing of workout

The timing of your workout is crucial if you want optimum results in terms of weight loss. Weight loss is a combination of both diet and exercise. Experts say that mornings are generally the best time to shed some quick pounds. During that time of day your body and mind are in full working order and you can get the most out of your workout. Mornings are also the best time, because that is when you are bothered by least distractions and most zealous. Working out after a long day at work or too close to bed may get too much for your brain because that is the time it is really looking to wind down, as the day's stress is at its peak.

2. Don't skip your breakfast

Several people experience dizziness during an early morning workout and that is because they have not fuelled body enough before training
It has been reiterated time and again how breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day, and if you are still missing or skipping it for some reason, you might be sending an invitation to a few extra kilos. Make sure your breakfast is rich in protein and fibers. This is because protein tends to take longer to digest and thereby pushes your body to secrete the gut hormone - Peptide YY, which makes you feel full. Fibre also satiates you and keeps you from bingeing into other high fattening snack. 

3. Pack a snack

Take out some time and think of some healthy snack options instead of reaching out for an unhealthy shack to please your cravings. Some quick healthy snacks will keep your metabolism racing and lead you to the road to weight loss.

4. Load up on winter veggies to shed extra pounds

Winters brings along with them a host of veggies and fruits  which in addition to being storehouse of nutrients, also help you shed those the excess flab around your tummy. Load up on carrots, spinach, methi, beetroot, radish, mustard greens. These high fibre foods help aid weight loss by inducing the feeling of fullness. You can have them raw in salads, blend them in smoothies, soups and curries. 

5. Drink Warm Water 

Starting your day with a glass of warm water cleanses the digestive system, and improves your metabolism.The custom of drinking water as the first thing in the morning is backed both in Ayurveda and in Japanese culture. Ayurveda strongly encourages to drink two cups of clean, lukewarm water to preserve energy throughout the day.
It is also important to stay hydrated through the day. In winters one typically doesn't feel as thirsty, but that doesn't mean you stop loading up on essential fluids completely. Staying hydrated through the day promotes weight loss. The logic behind it is simple; drinking water helps one avoid eating and drinking extra calories in form of other high calorie beverages. With regular intake we feel fuller and thus don't eat as much. 

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