Watch: This Ramen Store In Seoul Has No Staff, Here's How It Functions

A content creator recently shared a video of her experience at a 24-hour ramen shop in Seoul, which hires no staff. The reel has since gone viral.

Watch: This Ramen Store In Seoul Has No Staff, Here's How It Functions

A viral video takes viewers inside a Seoul ramen shop with no staff (Photo: Instagram/ biteswithlily)

We have heard of self-checkout counters at stores and fast food chains. But have you ever come across a restaurant that has no staff? Recently, an Instagram reel by a food vlogger, Lily Huynh, took viewers inside one such establishment in Seoul. The video has since gone viral and received a lot of interest online. The content creator narrates that she entered the 24-hour store at midnight and was stunned at the variety of ramen one can choose from. Selecting a hot and spicy ramen, she explained that customers can also pair their food with a drink from the fridge. She then demonstrated how patrons can directly pay with a card or cash at an automatic machine. No cashiers or staff members are needed!

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She states, "A lot of you asked how things don't get stolen. And yes, there are CCTV cameras. But I think there's just a level of trust here that you'll pay yourself." She also reveals that several side dishes are available free of cost. She added bean sprouts, spring onion and fish cakes as toppings. For sides, she chose kimchi and pickled radish. She then placed her bowl into a designated machine that added water and cooked the ramen. She later also added a cheese slice on top. Wondering whether she enjoyed her meal? Check out the complete reel below.

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The video has received 3.9 million views so far. Many Instagram users were fascinated by the idea of having no staff to keep an eye on things. The comment section was filled with remarks about how this system would not be feasible in other countries. Read some of the reactions below.

"The trust is real."

"The fact that the trust/honesty system there works so well speaks volumes."

"Laughing in my country."

"This won't work where I live. They'll steal the CCTV cam too."

"My country left the group chat and blocked the admin."

"I love that place now and I haven't even been there lol."

"I would live there. They would have to kick me out because ramen is my favourite."

What did you think of this concept? Let us know in the comments below.

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